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  1. I really don't see any resemblance. Reynolds has a dark complexion, brown hair, and brown eyes. McNeill has blue eyes and is quite fair.
  2. He is ranked fifth in standard leagues despite having a very poor April statistics-wise (zero homeruns). There are a few folks who aren't buying in yet, but much like Mola Ram said to Indiana Jones: "YOU WILL BECOME TRUE BELIEVERS!"
  3. Wager a decent amount that Derek Dietrich, Danny Santana, Nelson Cruz, and a few other likely candidates are sweating bullets right now ...
  4. Someone should have taught this guy a splitter by now. Sure, it'll take 4-6 years off his career, but he's one effective breaking pitch away from being a dominant starter.
  5. I'm not going to trawl through this thread to see if I predicted it here or on Reddit, but waaaaaay back in April I commented that this guy was likely going to start struggling with injury issues in the immediate future due to the way Tampa Bay was projected to use him. Pitching is already brutal. ******** with a guy's rhythm and timing and bouncing him between long relief and starts on uneven schedules? You can't even get into a rhythm. And this is a power pitcher, not a junkballer! Of course, Tampa Bay doesn't care because their modus operandi is to use the s--- out of pitchers and then avoid paying them free agency or big-time arbitration deals. Some other franchise inherits the wear and tear on the arm.
  6. Assuming he stays within the general range of his performance thus far, in standard 12 team leagues I see him going as early as last few picks of the second round to somewhere in the third round. Maybe he sneaks into the 3rd/4th bookend in a few leagues, but anyone who thinks he's going to last well into the fourth or even fifth round is probably projecting a significant tapering off of performance over the next few months. He's currently ranked 349 in Yahoo. Given his call-up date and lack of at-bats, that's truly remarkable. When you realize he's done it with zero stolen bases it's even more surprising. The list of relatively high draft players who have been out there all year and are being passed by Yordan is surprisingly long.
  7. I would imagine he gets one more shot and then the Marlins move on.
  8. I battle roster crunches due to injury seemingly every ******** day every year.
  9. I am completely over trying to monitor these situations where teams are screwing around with the playing time of call-ups. I dealt with it with the Rockies (multiple players) last year and Tampa Bay drove me crazy this year. I'm at the point where if they're not playing regularly pretty much right off the bat, I just move on. It never seems like this s--- sorts itself out in any particular season if it hasn't within a week or two.
  10. Maybe in four or five team leagues.
  11. Don't underplay it. He is probably fighting for his life. Thoughts and prayers.
  12. He signed that that extension for a reason. Coors and good luck have masked a 2-3 year noticeable decline in just about every meaningful underlying stat.
  13. Hmmm ... I have to wonder how close Foltynwiczewciwczecwz is to that 172 day service-time cut-off that would give them another year of control.
  14. Got my "C" teams mixed up. Fixed.
  15. So he has a downward swing ... that would make sense given the abysmal lack of power. He hasn't fixed it in three years of minor league ball. Maybe in 2020? He may be plenty talented and athletic, but I've never been convinced that "athleticism" is the primary component of being able to hit a baseball. Exhibit A is late-stage Tony Gwynn and Exhibit B is Pablo Sandoval. In general, I am sick of these "toolsy" youngsters who populate the rankings every year while performing below average in minor league ball. I had faith in guys like Moncada and Devers (faith that has been handsomely awarded in 2019) because they were dominant in the lower levels. Until a player does that I'm generally a doubter, regardless of age. Padres got ******** fleeced, is my opinion. You know who knows Trammell better than anyone? The Cincinnati organization. And they just gave up on him. That tells me a lot. Maybe their couching staff sucks and Padres will unlock his talent, but other than the Tampa Bay Rays I don't see too many organizations who are consistently managing that type of coaching-upgrade. **He's too "smart" to continue along this path? Huh? I'm not sure why smarts has much to do with anything (I doubt too many MLB players are candidates for MENSA) but what makes you think this guy is smart about the game of baseball? Isn't he the guy who probably cost himself 5-15 draft slots by committing to Georgia Tech to play college baseball? Then he didn't play college ball, so you have to wonder what bet he was trying to hedge. ****Plus, the fact that the Padres handed that ludicrous contract to Hosmer so that Wil Myers could play in the outfield tells me they may be prone to utter stupidity from time to time.
  16. This guy seems overrated as a fantasy asset. Maybe he has great defensive metrics, but he also doesn't have much power, gets caught stealing a lot (will probably be exposed at the MLB level), and has a sub .700 OPS in over 300 bats at AA in 2019. IMHO the Padres significantly overpaid. What does this guy project to, at best Gardner, at worst Jankowski, maybe Kevin Pillar as a reasonable compromise comp?
  17. "Next time" is great and all, but the guy that intentionally hurt him was standing sixty-ish feet away. I was shocked he didn't charge the mound.
  18. More negative predictions regarding Devers?
  19. He's so far off my radar I'd need to boot up a GPS finder to track him down.
  20. That was 100 feet into the Bay and looked effortless. Nice location on that pitch.
  21. Sanchez's conditioning has always been suspect, he didn't play much last year, and catching (particularly in the modern era of endless games) is physically demanding. I began quietly trying to move him in June but not aggressively enough, apparently.
  22. Has the homer Mazara hit off him exited the heliosphere yet?