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  1. What are ya'all expecting? Seems like he's going to go 35ish to 45ish homers and .245-.270 for years to come. Grats!
  2. Nick Madrigal over Gavin Lux? *closes link, doesn't bother to read further*
  3. I see him as an absolutely tremendous buy-low opportunity and a target draft day bargain next season.
  4. A decent floor, to be sure, but I think folks are mostly excited to see what his ceiling might be.
  5. He's the fourth ranked hitter as of this morning in standard leagues (behind Yelich, Bellinger, and Trout).
  6. 22 years old, may end up hitting 30ish dongs after having zero on May 1, flirting with AL batting championship ... trains have derailed before, but seems like the birth of a fantasy baseball monster. I can't stress enough how much more impressive this is considering his age as opposed to someone who is 27ish. Statistically speaking, ALL of his prime seasons should be ahead of him.
  7. If he performs anywhere close to what he's doing in AAA, he'll play pretty much every day. Kind of the general rule of thumb for call-ups to playoff teams.
  8. Just as we have seen with Motown Magic, ". . . you will become a true believer, Dr. Jones/Ryansm11."
  9. He's on pace to finish as a top 6-8 player after having a power-slump the entire month of April. He will be only 22 years old for, I believe, the entire season. This pace continues, I can only think of five or six players that at this point I'd clearly put above him.
  10. That sounds ominous. Fourth year I've owned this guy in a keeper. Feels like he hasn't gone more than a month without getting hurt since 2015. Best player in the league, but I wish I could smother him in bubble wrap to prevent these constant dings.
  11. It is absolutely amazing to me that baseball continuously manages to engender discussions on topics that are glaringly, blindingly obvious. Marisnick lowered his shoulder, changed direction toward the catcher, and lit him up trying to score. It's obvious. But you see this sort of thing constantly. I remember it in the steroid era, when guys like me would point out "Player X is obviously on steroids" and you'd get a hue and cry and paragraphs of online screed trying to deny the obvious. Same thing when guys get plunked. It's generally really, really apparent it was intentional, but nevertheless people will type furiously saying "with that count, with that situation, blah blah blah, release point, blah blah blah." Or when it's about the money. And a player says otherwise. And people try to pretend it isn't about the money. And it's ALWAYS about the money. It's intriguing, but also tiresome at times.
  12. Thank you for bolding a random section of your post, but it adds no clarity to understanding your advice. If I'm going to make a move, why would I make a move for someone who, by any objective measure, looks to be the equivalent of a hand grenade with the pin already pulled?
  13. Why would you take a chance when every "deep stat" says that disaster is imminent?
  14. It is so glaringly, blatantly obvious that pitchers are significantly more volatile than hitters that I have to wonder if this isn't a case of "overthinking it."
  15. 1. Trout 2. Not Trout 3. Not Trout 4. Not Trout 5. Not Trout Rest of the picks, Not Trout.
  16. Here's a great shot of Marisnick focusing in on Lucroy and deciding to alter his path so that his lowered shoulder and forearm demolish the catcher (who is well off home plate):
  17. Huh. I hadn't recalled you making any predictions about Devers. I'd better go look them up.
  18. This guy should be suspended. And his absolute horse*bleep* rationale he offered post-game ... I can smell the foul aroma from here. He ran into Lucroy with a forearm because he wanted to score and the throw had beaten him. End. Story. I am so sick and tired of baseball players believing we are morons with the garbage nonsense they spew constantly. "I didn't mean to hit him," "I was injured in this random accident and it totally wasn't alcohol or [ACTIVITY PROHIBITED BY CONTRACT]," "it isn't about the money," "I care about the fans," etc.
  19. Yeah, but it hasn't been a full season yet. Scrub.
  20. Up for good. Predictions: .420 OBP .666 Slugging 69 RBI 18.7 Homeruns
  21. This comment is going to age like a fine vinegar.
  22. These guy has looked like a superstar in the making for a few years now ... I mean, he broke into the big leagues at what, 20 years old? 30 is looking like the floor (assuming health, as always) for the foreseeable future. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few 100/35+/120/.320/5+ seasons strung together in a row.