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  1. Alright , just a few more we can get a draft going with all this free time we have..
  2. Have interest in the Camaro team.
  3. Have interest in Camaro team. Was looking over league site. Does this team have the number 2 pick in the rookie draft

  4. When would draft be, I am working till 830 tonight
  5. Never tried one, is there any interest
  6. I will play in the best all league if you still need teams

    1. boutrous11


      just saw this.  you need to email me if you want in leagues as I don't check here often.  That league filled.  I am running a bestball slow auction starting Feb. 15 if you want in that.  $30.  Last year's site w/ rules, payouts:

      email me at if you want a spot.  filling now...