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  1. In the league, you can choose up to 2 keepers, and if you don't have 2, you end up drafting that round. Still trying to get my commish to change it to an auction, but that's another story...
  2. Which 2 would you keep out of Austin Ekeler/Chris Godwin/Lamar Jackson? I feel like all will regress to some extent: Ekeler w/ no Rivers, Godwin surrounded by lots of mouths to feed AND Brady at the helm now, defenses will pick up on Lamar (and also I don't know how to feel about a QB in a keeper slot...?) Appreciate any thoughts!
  3. Apologies to all. Second year playing fantasy, first time user to these forums. Will migrate my previous question to the AC forum and keep this all on Clement. Cheers to the few replies.