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  1. I was worried last week, stuck with him, and was rewarded with 40 points. He did fine after Godwin went down. I’m sticking with my man.
  2. Feeling like this will be a meh game from Lamar and Ingram will have two rushing TDs.
  3. In before someone says Perriman week 15.
  4. For me it’s Winston, he was cut mid season and I scooped him up.
  5. Wishful thinking. Boone is not Dalvin Cook.
  6. I'm worried that the Vikings change the game plan and will throw a ton in this game.
  7. If you have him, start him. He's a good bet for 100 yards and a TD.
  8. Have fun when he gets benched for Tyrod Taylor.
  9. Injury + potential bad weather = fade for me
  10. He’s ranked low by many but I’m sticking with him.
  11. The Colts D getting absolutely demolished by the Saints? Pass.