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  1. You're out of the playoffs at 3-4 with a good team?
  2. I'm disappointed the news is he will be back in a few weeks.
  3. In all likelihood Chase will be a high-end option right up until the fantasy playoffs than Drake's return will make the backfield a mess again.
  4. Just enough time for him to come back and make the backfield worthless again.
  5. I'm sticking with him but not holding him through the bye week.
  6. Does no OBJ hurt the Browns passing offense enough where defenses will scheme to stop the run and not respect the pass?
  7. Didn't the coach come out earlier in the season and say he thinks Edmonds can be a lead back in the NFL?
  8. Imagine if Flames RB1nson played on just an average NFL offense. He would be a monster.
  9. Hot takes aren't disappointing. Lack of performance on the field is.
  10. Should be getting news this afternoon but the fact we haven't heard anything along the lines of "Cardinals don't believe Drake's injury is serious" means it probably isn't good.