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  1. Think he'll keep starting games or will TB use him with an opener? I'm in a league with QS instead of Wins which made him tough to roster last year.
  2. Not a good sign, feeling like a lost year for JT
  3. I just picked him up, so expect a massive cold streak.
  4. He had a family medical emergency.
  5. His velo did dip back to early season levels against the O's, but maybe he figured he didn't need to stress too hard against them . Definitely curious how today's start goes
  6. Possibly back tomorrow, hoping he gets some revenge on that baseball that hit him
  7. If Chatwood keeps walking everyone and their dog I could see it, but I doubt it'll be super soon
  8. I might actually be looking to buy if his owner doesn't believe
  9. Correct, rotation would be Kershaw (thurs) - Wood (fri) - Buehler (sat) - Santana/TBD (sun) - Stripling
  10. 12 team 3 OF and less it would be hard to justify keeping him. Still screams as the perfect last roster spot lottery ticket compared to like, Trey Mancini or something
  11. Looks like he was dealing with a minor injury, not benched:
  12. Gotta get Matt Szczur into the lineup ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. i'm in a 15 teamer where pretty much all usable pitching is gone, but I think it's officially time to move on
  14. i know he doesn't have the pedigree of other prospects but this guy would be getting mega hype if he was playing for a different team
  15. dude's a baller but it should be mentioned houston doesn't need to steal as many bases as they've done in the past to score this year unfortunately.
  16. got two hits sorta robbed by Lindor and Kipnis today.. tho I don't know if I should be expecting many infield hits from MC lol
  17. FG agrees with the idea that Triggs has a lot of potential strikeout growth:
  18. RW's love affair with this guy never made sense to me. Run, don't walk to pick up 12/5 on terrible efficiency.
  19. On MLB/ESPN he was always listed as pitching tomorrow: Not sure why Yahoo had it differently, maybe they are already mailing it in on baseball for Fantasy Football season
  20. I am telling myself that the fact they haven't just ruled him out for the year like JT Riddle is a good sign. Plus, with the Marlins sale announced, they don't need to force lower arbitration costs on players like JB to keep payroll low.