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  1. THE biggest scammer running fantasy leagues today!

  2. ******** douchebag pathetic a**hole

  3. meaning? a slow draft? no i never done that.. its only what 10 rounds? i try to get the drafts banged out in 1 day instead of extending it..
  4. Oh forgot the main thing!! all leagues done through YAHOO fantasy football... thanks again
  5. Hello all, name is Matt...been running fantasy football and baseball leagues for a few years now and do a lot of recruiting from rotoworld.com forums to get league owners...anyway most of my leagues are filled from previous year owners but i always have a few vacant spots each year...so here is what i have 100 dollar h2h PPR 10-12 team league with 4-6 available openings in that league 150 dollar h2h non PPR 10-12 team league with 6 openings available 50 dollar h2h ppr league with 9 openings 30 dollar points league with 3 openings all money is handled in paypal, i am a legit commissioner and anyone in my leagues will vouch for me.... also some fun things i do in my league.. power rankings weekly, trading of draft picks if owners decide to do that, i have a tshirt and trophy made to the winner of the league at the end of each season that says the league name 'Best of The Best' along with their team name and record........ my buddy owns a jersey website so i submit to him each owners favorite team and player, he makes me 10 jerseys the 1st 2nd 3rd place teams get jerseys as prizes..the other 7 jerseys go to a charity of the winners choice (usually boys and girls club of america) .and of course there are $$$ prizes to the 1st 2nd and 3rd place teams...im big on fantasy football i love it and enjoy it, so i do the fun stuff like that to keep the members in my league happy and when they have fun, i have fun and it makes things more exciting and it also goes to a good cause.... if anyone is interested email me at Mlinkyanks@yahoo.com or PM me on here i will respond when i get a chance.. Thanks and looking forward to playing with some of you... Matt L