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  1. I'm looking to add one more league, preferably a deep dynasty roto league, but keeper would work too. Prefer 15-20 teams. I'm on Yahoo, CBS, ESPN, and Fantrax, so whatever works. For dynasty I prefer free active leagues to avoid year to year $$ disputes I've seen in the past, but will consider small $$. email timhipp79 at yahoo dot com if you have an owner slacking off that needs to be replaced!
  2. Slightly interested but what are the minor league rules? Looked at a couple rosters, didn't really see any.
  3. Hey all, I'm an active player looking for a deep keeper or dynasty league. Would prefer a startup, but wouldn't mind taking over an established squad if needed as long as the league is active and established / long term (if I'm taking over a team). For this I'd prefer a free league, as I haven't had good experiences with $$$ keeper/dynasty. I stick to redraft only for money leagues. If anybody has a spot open in a dynasty and/or keeper (AL/NL only or mixed, all are fine), let me know. You can email timhipp79 @ att.net. Thanks all, -Tim
  4. I usually do what you say there, averaging Steamer with another system, but I do like ATC as well which averages multiple projection systems.
  5. Was pretty surprised Harper fell to me at #12 in my current draft. Hope he can stay healthy, first time I've ever had him.
  6. Just getting some rest with the big lead.
  7. As a Dodger fan it is really going to get my riled up when they send him down and Gonzalez is still struggling through the elbow issue and the neck/shoulder issue according to local radio after tonight's game. Just brutal stuff. Bellinger is bringing some excitement, and unlike Gonzalez is not a total liability on the basepaths. I'm all for a healthy Gonzalez, but good grief let the man get well and give Bellinger a shot in the short term.
  8. Pretty much agree, its a weird setup so I can't pick him up until tomorrow, so I will put in the claim and cross my fingers. I have a bunch of ice cold hitters so I will add him to the list if I can.
  9. Kip was just dropped in my AL only league and I'm thinking about picking up. Numbers look bad but there should be a turnaround coming once he rounds into form, right? Or are we thinking the shoulder is going to wreck his season?
  10. What a bummer so far. I'm in a 2 catcher, no bench AL only league and tried paying for catcher this year for the first time as its a killer every year. Was really confident coming into the season with Lucroy. Hope he turns it around soon with the rest of the Rangers, something sure seems to be off with that whole offense.
  11. Yeah, I mostly agree since Roberts admitted earlier this week that the fact that Gonzalez is proud of the fact that he's never been on the DL is contributing to him not being there now. I am just wondering if, eventually, since they are mentioning the injured elbow on every broadcast at this point, if at some point they convince him to either go to the DL or at least sit out a week and see if it helps. There was a long weekend last year where Roberts had him sit out and it ended up helping him they claimed. I know he hit a walk off "single" (thanks official scorer) tonight, but the contact is just not very good overall for Gonzalez. Seems like with Bellinger in the picture the alternative while he rests is pretty obvious right now.
  12. Haven't read this anywhere yet, but watching every game I keep hoping that if Gonzalez continues to struggle so much they will convince him to go to the disabled list and play Bellinger at first base, until Gonzalez' elbow issue is healed. So far they are letting A-Gon dictate that he doesn't want to go to the disabled list, but I can't believe they're going to play him every day and hit him in the middle of the order while he's killing them. A couple of weeks off with Bellinger covering first would do them some good, I think. Of course, maybe Gonzalez will just turn it around, but I doubt it. This elbow issue seems to have been lingering since the WBC.
  13. Pretty sure on the YES broadcast they said pre-game Girardi had said he wanted to get the pitch count up to 100, so I think barring a collapse he was coming back out for the 7th no matter what. Too bad about the fluky infield single, weird play.