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  1. With this potential move, absolutely. I thought for sure the White Sox would play the service time manipulation game (and still certainly could I suppose), but I think a promotion to AAA means a call-up later this summer is definitely possible if he continues to dominate. At the very least - if he doesn't majorly struggle - I think he now has a shot at opening day roster next year and semi worst case an April promotion. Again, hinging on he doesn't suddenly start struggling mightily. This is pretty surprising too me as I thought he'd get a AAA promotion later this summer for them to (try and) justify a super-2 June promotion next year. Excited to see what he does in AAA.
  2. This feels like its headed for the TJ at some point; which would be a shame if they wasted all this time (including what's ahead in the projected rehab) and he ends up with that result and misses all of next year as well now. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but I feel like I've seen this before (where they try to rehab to avoid TJ but end up there anyways)...I hope I'm wrong obviously A real shame and have to feel for the guy. I really hope he gets past this and continues with the success he found this year.
  3. Good question that I was curious to as well. As you may have guessed, much more against RHP than LHP. I wonder if these trends continue if he may think about giving up the switch hitting and just batting from the right side full time (clearly, he's much better from that side). Again, it's early (both in the season and his career), but this was interesting nonetheless.
  4. I saw this tweet this morning, it's still early, but maybe time to think about giving up switch hitting?
  5. Reading this update is like hearing fingernails on a chalk board.
  6. Nice going man. I signed up a few weeks ago to the forum, hoping to connect with other fellow members. Send me a message whenever you want to chat. 


  7. Wade at this point just looks lost on offense, and is a borderline liability. He can't stretch the floor with shooting, and his legs just look shot at this point in the season. Any "iso" type play he tries just isn't working - the difficulty on his shots attempts is just so high - and they're not falling. He's not really moving without the ball - and he needs to since he can't stretch the floor, he needs to be cutting around the hoop, but he just always looks so tired too me, I don't know - and this doesn't even touch on him at the other end of the court (he's been better this game so far though). If I'm the Heat, I'm starting to make anyone not named Parker or Ginobili finish at the rim without so much help - there was an instance earlier where Bonner pumped faked, drove to the hoop and like 4 Heat players crashed on him like he was LeBron leading to a wide open three, like really? Diaw clearly wants to pass when he drives - I'd start making him try to be a scorer versus a facilitator. Spurs have pretty much taken the Heat's (LeBron) best shot earlier on, and now are starting to get rolling....
  8. Well, the Heat finally look like they have a sense of urgency...took them awhile though...
  9. I'll just quote a few really solid posts below... Bingo. I'm pretty much agree completely with the above, and too add to it - if you want to pin this on LeBron, I suppose that is your prerogative, however, look at this stats for this series: 27.5 PPG 7.3 RPG 3.8 APG 2.5 SPG 2.8 3PG (no blocks) on 60%/61%/75% FG/3PT/FT Again, too me, it's more about the Spurs just absolutely wearing out the Heat on offense, draining their energy via ball/player movement, then Heat collectively looked dazed on offense. Also, what more do you really want LeBron to do - those stats are pretty damn good, especially the shooting %'s. Even if he were a bit more aggressive, do you really think him averaging, say, 35 PPG would really make a difference? Assists are down a bit, but that's more of a by product of missed shots by some of the role players. To sum this up - this is way more about the Spurs just putting on a clinic for how to play basketball than the Heat losing because LeBron isn't rising to the challenge - well, at least that's my opinion.
  10. Heat's defense just again look gassed or demoralized or however you want to put it - with the Spurs constant ball movement, and player movement (running around screens) - Heat just literally can't keep up on defense, and it seems like the more shots the Spurs hit the more tired (deflated) the Heat look on defense.