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  1. Here are some of my comments and/or preferences - Prefer a buy-in in the $75 - $200 range and using LeagueSafe is required Prefer a minimum of 10 teams Live draft with standard/default positions. Keeper league with minor league rosters as well Required = Rotisserie with 6x6 stat categories Prefer to use Yahoo engine Prefer no max moves or trades Please reply here or e-mail me at thephog37@gmail.com. Thanks.
  2. I'll try and provide a high-level summary of the issue, and I was hoping you all can provide your input on whether or not you think it's an actual issue. I am the commissioner for a 12 team league that has just ended. One of the managers in the league has an issue with a particular team because it's a girl that gets a little help from one of the other managers in the league (her boyfriend). Here are some quick facts - 1. I was present with her and her boyfriend when we all drafted our teams. She drafted her entire team, but did get input from her BF a few times when trying to decide between 2 players. 2. Once the season started, she would also get input from her boyfriend on who to start, who to pick up, etc. She did not make any trades this year and her pick-ups were very minimal. He would not pick up players for her, but would typically just help her decide between 2-4 players on who to pick up if one of her players was on bye week. Keep in mind that her BF also has a team in the league, paid his entry fee like everyone else, and was also in contention most of the year. 3. During playoffs, her BF continued to provide input on her team since he was eliminated from the playoffs. Now with all that being said, one of the managers has an issue with her getting help throughout the season. As commissioner, I am trying to decide if I should not allow her to be in the league next year like one of the managers wants. My current stance is that she paid her league dues like everyone else and most importantly, drafted her own team (since I was physically present), it doesn't matter what happens after that as long as she didn't collude with any other teams, which she definitely did not. I should also point out that the manager that has an issue with her finished in 1st place, but was making a big fuss about the situation during the super bowl week when they played each other. So do you all see any issue with the above facts and circumstances and think this manager has a valid gripe? If so, should I remove her from the league next year? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Post a link and I WHIR. Thanks so much.