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  1. Ekeler. Singletary is a bust pick for this week and also I think the Chargers are better in the air against WRs rather than pass catching backs. Thanks for mine.
  2. Probably still Seattle but both are crapshoots on most weeks. Trubusky could throw picks in the cold or he might just run it. Help?
  3. I don't think you can sit Mostert after how he's been doing lately. But I say this mostly because Fitzpatrick is capable of having a bad game at any time. Help?
  4. +1, not because I like Pascal but because Freeman is facing SF. Help?
  5. Parker. Fitz likes to throw for better and worse and Parker is usually his only real target. Help?
  6. My vote too. Thielen has a tough matchup but he's not a guy I'd ever sit I think. Thanks for mine.
  7. This is my lineup so far in a half-PPR QB - Tannehill RB: Hunt, _______ WR: Hopkins, Robinson TE: Henry FLEX: _______ K: Zuerlain DEF: Steelers Who do I start at my other RB slot, and who do I start at flex? Options at RB include: B.Scott @WAS (Howarad is out, as are most Eagles WRs, but Sanders isn't), D.Freeman (will get volume on the ground and in the air against an allegedly banged up SF defense, but it's still @SF and they haven't allowed a rushing TD since week 10), Laird (he's not very good, but he's been getting volume, and it's at NYG) Options at FLEX include: The above, plus Deebo vs ATL (he hasn't "gone off past three weeks, but he's gotten double digits), Perriman (will he inherit all of Evans' passes @DET as he did last week),
  8. Fitzmagic unless you need a less volatile floor. The alleged game plan calls for Freeman a lot, so it may not actually be a shootout. Help?
  9. Snell strikes me as having a much safer floor, given Kirk is facing the Steelers D. Help?
  10. I guess Bilal for guaranteed work but I can't promise you most of the Jets' points aren't coming thru deep air. But Bilal isn't a bad pass catcher so hopefully even if the Jets fall behind they still turn to him. Help?
  11. Penny probably. The others seem even more risky because of matchups. Help?
  12. I think Carson will eat, and will get his touches. But that timeshare and his lack of pass catching skills limits his upside in full PPR. Jones is a riskier bet, but I think he has the higher upside. I actually lean Jones. Help?