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  1. I think he’s still too risky. Take away the TD last week and he was a flop! Rolling the dice with Will Fuller over him at flex in my championship! Higher upside!
  2. Landry and the Browns are trash! Gallup, Miller, Washington for me! See mine plz!
  3. .5 PPR - pick 3! Too many options! Fournette @ ATL - Been bleh lately. ATL might blow them out! Mostert vs. LAR - Will he get the carries? Drake @ SEA - Ride the hot hand? White vs. BUF - Can you trust him? Fuller vs. TB - Trust in championship? D. Washington - Jacobs out! A. Mattison - Cook out?
  4. I read he gets a $500K bonus if he hits 1,000 rushing yards this year. Sitting on 784, so he’ll be plenty motivated!
  5. Is this dude a drama queen or what? Leaves 2 games crying & withering in pain looking like his season is over then he’s miraculously fine the next morning? LOL
  6. Starting the old man over Josh Allen!
  7. Arguably the most important NFL game of the week so he’s playing. I personally think he could have played last week, but the Texans got cocky after beating NE & thought they could beat the Broncos easily so chose to rest him (oops). Yes he’s high risk, but also super high reward (see week 5). You’d be hard pressed to find a better lottery ticket if you have to play one! And yes I’m rolling him out in my flex over James White & Drake. Go big or go home!
  8. Banged up - check Bad weather - check Tough D - check Division game - check All signs point to a vintage 50 point game! Haha! All seriousness I might sit him this week for Goff. Think that game might be a shootout! And as far as Mahomes performance this year, I chalk it up to injury. Between his ankle, knee, and now hand, he’s been pretty banged up all year! He’ll bounce back huge next year!
  9. Dude is ballin’ at the right time! Must start next week?
  10. For all the “boom or bust” talk, he’s the #17 WR in my league! Can score on any single play. Gotta love players like that for your flex!
  11. What have MVS and Allison done to secure their positions? Both are also unproven, continuously underperform, and can’t stay on the field.