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  1. Great lineup for fantasy purposes but that defense could be brutal irl.
  2. My squad is done. My opponent needs 17 from Thielen in a .5 ppr. Certainly possible but I like my chances.
  3. Done watching Bears until Nagy is gone. Only loser coaches would take a knee instead of trying for extra yards to make kick easier.
  4. Would rather watch paint dry than Bears "offense".
  5. They should change that rule. If there wasn't an intended touch of the player, shouldn't count as a down by contact "tackle". Signed, Every single N.E DEF owner
  6. Oh my bad. Didn't see this was bball. Just saw rotoworld mistake.
  7. ZACH ZENNERRB, NEW ORLEANS SAINTS Zach Zenner rushed once for one yard in the Saints' Week 7 win over the Bears. The Chargers didn’t make an effort to utilize a committee backfield, as Latavius Murray racked up 27 carries and six targets. Zenner isn’t on the fantasy radar as a pure backup with no real role in the offense at this time. Oct 20, 2019, 8:16 PM ET
  8. That was a pretty weak tackle that took down Howard that last series. Good RBs break those.
  9. Damn seriously what was the last team to get 2 onside kicks in a row?
  10. Sadly I would rather watch the Bears DEF. At least they have a chance to score.
  11. Well this debate belongs in another forum, but sure I can actually see MIA making it a game. I am sure coming off a bye, they are healthier and see WAS as a realistic shot to get on the board. As for Mclaurin, hoping for 85 and a TD, be happy with that.