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  1. Lost by 0.5 points because Zeke and Dallas are losers
  2. Yeah I am getting vibes from a couple years ago when desperate owners in fantasy playoffs were using Elijah McGuire and he scored a TD weeks 14-16. Opportunity knocks, someone has to answer.
  3. Good day for Sox fans. Renteria was NEVER going to be the leader to take the club to the next level of success.
  4. Many beverages will be drank in sadness tonight. Get well soon Dak!
  5. Renteria needs to be fired. That's all. What a complete joke this game 3 "rotation" has been.
  6. Something developing in Oak. Will be sick if he does it again.
  7. Didn't even notice til today that he made his MLB debut yesterday. Gotta be able to throw strikes or won't have an impact.
  8. All the Bears needed was a competent QB who could throw more than 20 yards. But yeah Atlanta are biggest chokers ever going back to N.E in that Super Bowl
  9. Montgomery had a tough catch and run for a few yards before that TD. Cohen injury is gonna hurt.
  10. Great game. Everyone in the country knew Cam was gonna run it. They needed a pass option there.
  11. Yeah Barkley came back in and the elbow was fine but now the knee. No good. That is horrible.
  12. That was just brutal by Jones. Has to see there is nothing there, THROW IT AWAY and take the points instead of trying to force it.
  13. Immediately having buyer's remorse drafting any Bear besides Robinson.