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  1. In the case of a potential upcoming short season, I don't see how anyone could even take him in a redraft. Maybe if he drops far enough, definite risk/reward play but it seems like his heart won't be into it and if he does play, will he be looking for any excuse to hit the DL?
  2. Ok I stand corrected but never heard that in common talk ever.
  3. Our Dayn Perry explained why the players are reluctant to accept further haircuts. Nice typo on their
  4. Tbh, I have no problem with Snell's comments. I think it is different for pitchers. There are only so many bullets in those arms. Guys who were straight beasts like Brandon Webb and Tim Lincecum can lose it very quickly due to injury. Injury can develop if players deviate from their established routines for any reason. It really sucks and sure most common fans are gonna roll their eyes hard when there are much bigger concerns going on in the world.
  5. I feel like ex-MLB'er Phil Hughes has played at least a small part of a resurgence in collecting again.
  6. I think you have to click Finalize Team List for that link to open so you can adjust the draft order.
  7. Both Nagy and Pace will be gone in a year or 2.
  8. Sad news today for White Sox fans everywhere. Ed Farmer was the best.
  9. I wouldn't rule out Bundy either. Orioles organization is just bad at developing SP.
  10. No buzz, probably not ready yet but could be 5th starter due to lack of better options for K.C at the moment.
  11. It's sad that #CancelEverything is trending on Twitter but yeah until everything can get back to some state of normal, it isn't looking good rn.
  12. I wouldn't say much, maybe a round. If anything, he may become a target to some owners who know he is IL bound so you know you can stash and pick up an intriguing undrafted FA flier.
  13. The part that will suck is that in Yahoo leagues where he is split is that you likely will have to carry him (pitcher) as a dead roster slot until he is ready to pitch in May or whenever. He won't be on the real-life IL, so you won't be able to stash him in there.
  14. I will be watching Dylan Bundy this spring. Age 27 season, a few years removed from TJ, no longer in the AL East, I could see a sneaky Top 40 SP that will be free come draft time.
  15. Great lineup for fantasy purposes but that defense could be brutal irl.