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  1. Final keeper in my mixed league, standard league stats and scoring. Who is the final keeper here? Gregory Polanco Steve Matz Carlos Rodon Marcus Stroman Dellin Betances Mikel Franco
  2. How many guys can throw 8IP/1R/11K's last night and have a 3.5 ERA, 1.05 WHIP and have K per inning and no one notices... nice little waiver pickup
  3. Bounce back? He's just turned 19 and has years to develop and turn those loud tools into something real.
  4. Hey Gang, looking for a new league as one of my legacy ones has closed. Looking for the following: Active owners Some minor league system 12T or more Dues or entrance fees sub 150 PM me if you wanna chat
  5. Im rolling with Keenum over Bortles myself, but damn I dont feel good about it...
  6. 1 PPR. Who gets the start, Im an underdog this week. Cant fathom Im having to choose between those guys today. Tarik Cohen and J Stewart also on the wire. Ugh
  7. Feels like a bit of a coin flip. Who gets the start?
  8. Hype train started when BP ranked him so high. wish they hadnt, would own more shares
  9. I read one of the reasons Tex was OK moving Williams was to clear a roster slot in AA for Brinson to move up. Not sure this means much as anyone can write assumptions, but guy is a toolshed and only getting better. I like seeing players who can make consistent adjustments and get better.
  10. I think he may need a change of scenery. Too much ability to be playing so poorly- my guess is something mental is contributing at this point
  11. Cat's out of the bag - already cracked the BP 101. Buy cheap option likely gone.
  12. Shhhhhh. By all accounts he is the real deal. Hoping he is missed in my draft. All the tools, and the only thing BP said is keeping him out of the top spots is how young he is - he profiles like Xander did at this age. Sure bet to be NYM #1 next year after Thor gets the call. Now is the time to make a run at him if you can wait 2+ years. Candidate for a huge ranking leap this year.