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  1. Paywalled, I know.
  2. Here we are on Friday, May, 29, and nothing is even close to coming together. While not totally surprising, it's still awe-inspiring to see this league blow this opportunity. It is simply suicidal to not at least make a concerted effort to put something on the field this season. Yes, it will be lame and gimmicky, but it'd be SOMETHING. If this falls through because of the owners and fans place blame solely on the players, it will be disastrous for the upcoming CBA negotiations. I can't see how anyone is feeling positive about this.
  3. Pretty much everything we feared is happening so far. Airing dirty laundry, bickering, and reneging on previous agreements. The majority of fans will blame the players no matter what. To see MLB blowing this opportunity to lead the way back to normalcy just sucks. It's almost June and time is running out.
  4. Reminds me of the time he said he'd run in to a school during a shooting.
  5. Loved this article. I have all of my cards from the late 80s/early 90s, even though I know they're not worth jack. Who knows what my Dad spent on cards for my brother and I growing up. Knowing him, I'm sure the memories are worth every penny. We'd take a Florida vacation each year. My Dad would always bring down a box of packs and give my brother and I a few in the morning each day. We'd always wake up before him and watch TV, but we knew he was up when we heard the crunching of unopened packs as he walked down the hall. Immediate excitement! My brother and I would organize our newfound loot on the floor of the condo for the duration of the trip, which drove my Mom nuts...haha The final paragraphs made me sad. We often label kids as screen-addicted an unimaginative, but the author's kid saying "It's a really good story. I'm sure TikTok isn't giving us what the cards gave you. Especially because we aren't allowed to have it." really brought home how dire this time is to be a kid. My son is almost two and every day is still a party for him. I don't envy parents with kids old enough that all this has to be explained and hopefully understood. We take a walk nearly every day and I see all the banners for graduating seniors that didn't get to experience any of the awesomeness that came during that time for me. I do my best to remain hopeful, but it can be challenging. People were getting tired of nostalgia before all this. Now nostalgia seems right - and healthy.
  6. If you don't want to listen to Fauci, fine. But the next guy up can't be the one wondering aloud if injecting household disinfectants is the cure.
  7. The Athletic ran a story yesterday that interviewed players with underlying conditions, particularly David Dahl, who doesn't have a spleen. He is planning to play.
  8. Trump has entered the past-tense with this whole thing. From yesterday: "we have met the moment and we have prevailed." Say what? I truly believe this is why he doesn't want any federal testing plan. People will continue to test positive, it will continue to be daily news, and he will perceive that as looking bad in an election year. All along this has been the one thing he can't lie his way out of. Perhaps it would have been a semi-sound plan for him before the virus entered the White House. That said, I don't think the daily numbers are really being fudged. The general trend is that initially-hit larger cities are seeing decreases while the virus continues to infiltrate smaller, rural communities that are not equipped to handle the patient load.
  9. The top-down strategy from here seems to be to ignore everything and pretend this never happened. No masks. Danger over. Mission accomplished. We'll know by the end of the month if we're on our way out or if this is just the beginning.
  10. A vaccine is not even a certainty, let alone in...4 months!? This is some crazy optimism. The country needs to plan and move forward as if there will not be a widely-available vaccine for at least a year.
  11. Reopening without a plan is why I anticipate most of these reopenings are going to land with a thud economically. Poll after poll shows that the majority of people just don’t feel it’s safe yet. There has been this federal-level belief all along that when things reopen it will be just like May 2019. That’s a pipe dream. At the same time, I’ve come around to the idea of at least giving people a choice. We’ll have a good idea by the end of the month if these reopenings are straight up disasters or not. But as the jobless claims mount, it’s fair to ask how many healthy lives can afford to be ruined.
  12. We are definitely crossing the rubicon here. If these re-openings go sideways shutting everything down again will be practically impossible because the attitude I'm seeing nation-wide is that Coronavirus is soooooo March. We haven't had any federal leadership from day one of this fiasco and it's going to cost us dearly, both in lives and treasure.
  13. How can a trade look this bad without a single pitch thrown!?
  14. No matter how many interviews are done with however many people, we're still basically where we were two months ago: - MLB wants a season - No one is sure how to make it safe