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  1. If you thought Bregman had a punchable face before don't even watch his smug company speak at the Astros fan event. Why are Astros players acting like this there's still some doubt about the validity of this scandal? Just own up to it and get the press off your backs. I have no idea what they're thinking.
  2. Buy: Meadows, Albies, Nola, Jimenez, Muncy, Mancini, Benintendi (Last year has to be the floor, right?) Fade: Tatis, Judge, Villar, Altuve, Goldschmidt, Glasnow (in QS leagues), Bell, Gurriel
  3. Last I read the 15-day IL was only back for pitchers. 10-day IL remains for position players.
  4. They have superstars that can’t stay on the field. Teams totally exploited the 10 day IL last season and I’d expect more of the same this season.
  5. I think there's a lot of truth in this, especially with the 10-day IL continuing into this season. We've seen the floor for Sanchez in 2018 and it was ugly. There are no safe catchers and Sanchez has proven to be perennially injured and suffers mind-boggling slumps. If, by some chance, the Yankees stay healthy I'm not sure there will be as many DH opps for him, either. I'm pretty sure he'll be taken too high for my tastes.
  6. Pitchers are weird enough as is and I don’t envision most signing on to wear ear pieces. Anything that’s wireless is likely to be Bluetooth and that’s hackable as well. I don’t know what the answer is but it’s gonna be tough to reach common ground.
  7. @Cmilne23 is so good with insults and rage I often wonder if anyone has seen him and Drew Magary in the same place at the same time. I see he's already in mid-season Mariners form. Roster Resource has the almighty Matt Magill as their closer.
  8. Wow, that is really damning video evidence against Altuve. MLB may be forced to dole out individual player punishments with stuff like this coming out. What a depressing mess.
  9. I can't stand either team but this is totally true in my experience.
  10. Zeile Composite has his projection at 150 innings. Seems like his value takes at least a slight hit in QS leagues since TB may have a quick hook with him, especially early on. Only projected for 12 QS. Not ideal for those leagues.
  11. I think Beltran is in real danger. This has become so toxic so quickly that the Mets will be answering questions every day that he is there. Plus he was named in the report as a mastermind of the Astros scheme. He may not even manage a game there.
  12. Yes, too difficult to nail individual players. Are some players more guilty than others? It'd have to be an all or nothing deal, which isn't sensible because it would be very difficult to prove on an at-bat basis. That said, I do think it's reasonable to adjust projections/expectations of Astros players based on this scandal.
  13. By "in on it" do we mean players that were aware? Seems like at least the entire offense knew and Fiers, a pitcher, was the whistleblower. Conservatively, I would say all offensive players were aware of it.
  14. I feel like a side story this season will be the Mets as Carlos Beltran was named as a player participant (and possible strategist?) in the report. It's already established he won't be punished, but I'll bet there's some extra eyes and ears on that team.
  15. I looked and ESPN opened on 1/11 last year. Already running late! Hopefully it's soon.