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  1. Let's just take in every pitch we can, guys. If a slew of positive tests start coming out of Philly this is going to get ugly fast.
  2. Took all of a weekend for this to happen. Just an incredible bummer and very in-character for 2020. Hope everyone involved recovers. Chances of this season being "completed" are pretty much zero.
  3. Benintendi picking up right where he left off. Over/under 8/1 for him getting yanked from the leadoff spot?
  4. Amazing what can happen when everyone gets off Twitter and actually has a productive meeting.
  5. I’m over the owners and players. My new villain is Manfred, who’s never had control of this and now appears totally weak and unwilling to just declare a season and get things moving. Going from guaranteeing a season to being “not confident” in 72 hours is baffling and flares an already-untenable situation. This dude sucks and needs to go.
  6. Looks like they’re quickly pivoting to divulging that some players and staff have tested positive. Guessing the whole thing gets framed as unsafe and the season is cancelled. We all know the real story, obviously.
  7. This is what I’ll be lobbying for in our league. I have no interest in losing contract years in a 48 game season. I’ll watch the games but for fantasy this is useless.
  8. All of these doom and gloom feelings are natural as we witness one of the most painful and, frankly, embarrassing moments in the history of this sport. And for a sport with as rich a history as baseball, that’s saying a lot. No question an opportunity has been squandered. But, I have a feeling the tide will turn when the players get back on the field and we have actual live baseball to discuss. This country, and most of its inhabitants, have gold fish memory. Getting the game started, in any form, will fix a lot. Where baseball falls in the sports hierarchy is of little concern to me. It’s a billion dollar industry. It’s by far my favorite sport. It’s a skill game. Any game can be boring. I’m sure everyone is just enthralled during a pointless 10 minute NFL replay review. It’s all personal preference, but the numbers easily say baseball isn’t going anywhere.
  9. I play H2H and have zero interest in a 50 game season. If something isn’t figured out in the next few weeks 50 games may not even possible. You have to factor in travel time for players outside the US, getting facilities ready, etc.
  10. Latest Rosenthal article on The Athletic states a July 4 start is “all but gone, and no end to this dispute is in sight.” I did hold out some hope something would get worked out. Might be time to start giving up a little.
  11. Each day brings a new bad development. What a joke, missed opportunity, and huge disappointment.
  12. Lots of tired, nonsensical arguments here. Everyone loses if there’s no season, as lame as this asterisk season would be. This is a bad look all around, but the core issue here is the owners backing out of an existing agreement to fleece the players. Spring Training 2.0 would be starting this week otherwise.
  13. Paywalled, I know.
  14. Here we are on Friday, May, 29, and nothing is even close to coming together. While not totally surprising, it's still awe-inspiring to see this league blow this opportunity. It is simply suicidal to not at least make a concerted effort to put something on the field this season. Yes, it will be lame and gimmicky, but it'd be SOMETHING. If this falls through because of the owners and fans place blame solely on the players, it will be disastrous for the upcoming CBA negotiations. I can't see how anyone is feeling positive about this.