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  1. Wednesday @ 9:30pm ET still open May run one Thursday too, depending on interest. Try and get it in early. Before most of the opening game has started or too far underway.
  2. filled Tuesday and Wednesday Would do another Wednesday one at 9:30pm ET as part of this league Have 3 people interested
  3. 2 more days of drafting. 2 open spots in Tuesday @ 9;30pm ET 5 open spots in Wednesday @ 9;30pm ET
  4. $85 entry fee28 team Bestball League on myfantasyleague.comSuperflex, 2 TE minimum with tiered PPR, TE Premium scoringDefense included3 Hour timer with overnight shutoffNo playoffs, Just points accumulating each week (similar to the other bestball leagues we have done)Looking for active owners, people that won't take 3 hours everytime to pick, etcSettings: ... 56036&O=26Theme is Abandonded Teams/Franchises
  5. Are you interested in a 12 team Roto league, with $75 entry. Its part of the big super league we have going. We had 180 teams last year with a prize pool over $13,000. Draft times are lower down on this post or if you cannot make that time, let me know a time you can make a draft, and i will try to make up a draft time for then and fill it with 12 people. See details below. email to join. Now in our 4th year, our MLB Super League is still looking to grow.- 3 years ago in our inaugural season, we had an entry fee of $55 and 5 leagues/divisions of 12 teams in each for 60 teams total ($3,300 Prize pool)- In year #2, we had an entry fee of $55 and 10 leagues/divisions of 12 teams in each for 120 teams total ($6,600 Prize pool)- In year #3, we had an entry fee of $75 and 15 leagues/divisions of 12 teams in each for 180 teams total ($13,425 Prize pool)We want to make this league as big as possible. $75 entry via leaguesafe (if you are outside of US / Canada and/or Leaguesafe doesn't work for you, we can find another method of payment)These multiple 12 team leagues function as their own regular 12 team league that everyone is used to. There is just an overall roto standing kept separately of all teams involved. We will fill as many leagues as possible with 12 mandatory in each league. More info regarding last year’s standings, payouts, etc at this link (click on tabs to change pages) Scoring: Rotiserrie 5 x 5 (OBP, HR, RBI, Runs, SB) (W, SV, Ks, ERA, WHIP)Waivers/FAAB: Waivers DraftSnake/Auction: Snake One of our ESPN Divisions to show league settings, etc. Bo Jackson Division - Draft times: (pick what time suits you best) Saturday, July 18th @ 1:00 pm ET Sunday, July 19th @ 1:00 pm ET Monday, July 20th @ 9:30 pm ET Tuesday, July 21st @ 9:30 pm ET Wednesday, July 22nd @ 9:30 pm ET or ANY TIME CLOSER TO THE START OF THE SEASON ONCE IT RESUMES If the season is CANCELLED midseason, and there is a 30 game played average for all teams, our standings will be considered final. If the season is CANCELLED midseason, and there is LESS THAN a 30 game played average for all teams, EVERYONE WILL BE REFUNDED. (if you can’t make any of those times, let me know and we will see what we can do) It doesn't matter if you are some spreadsheet wizard or a semi-ignorant blow hard, this is a fun and challenging league that you will like.
  6. Anyone looking to take on a team email to join 4 team dispersal - NHL Hockey Teams Theme league on normally $80 entry via leaguesafe plus a $40 deposit (deposit refundable if you leave the league with all your future picks) We will be knocking $20 off the entry for all 4 dispersal teams. 2 Have joined, so just need 2 more. Superflex, 2 TE, Defense and Kickers Tiered PPR, TE Premium Scoring. 32 team league, 2 copies of each player in the database (so like a 16 team model league) Montreal Canadiens & Boston Bruins are the 2 teams open Dispersal assets: Scoring: Settings: Always feel free to check out my other leagues at