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  1. Jesus Christ, cmon with this dude lol Hopefully he’s back before AB plays
  2. Well that should just about do it. Just gotta wait for the injury update now.
  3. Spent 20 minutes trying to remember my password just I could make a comment on this bum. Dropped pass for an INT and another dropped pass for the loss, smh.
  4. This offense blows. At least he got 17 touches I guess...
  5. This guy was literally like RB4 through 6 weeks and had all the signs of being a high end RB1. Then of course he gets his "active, but not really active", DNP, DNP, and today. Assuming he is not shutdown, you obviously cannot play him next week or his BYE. Hero to Zero I guess.
  6. 75/25 in favor Kamara. Although it seemed a lot closer until the 4th (where the Saints were down 10) and it was pretty much all Kamara. I am sure the split would be a lot closer if the Saints were not losing the entire game. It seemed fairly even as far as snaps go in the 1st half from just watching.
  7. Hopefully he comes back healthy and strong this week.
  8. So what are people doing with this guy? I mean he hasn't been terrible, but he doesn't seem to be anything more than a flex play. Obviously it is all relative to your team, but I can't really see myself starting this guy in the playoffs (even with the nice schedule) unless Howard or my own players get hurt. I suppose the fact that he out touched Sproles by so much is nice, but not sure if that is gonna last. I haven't really followed this backfield too much and have mostly had him sitting on my bench, so if anyone wants to shed some light why I should be more optimistic, I am all ears.
  9. Off the injury report and Hilton out. Of course it seems like a guessing game with him and Doyle.
  10. At least we got this out of the way early
  11. Waiting for practice reports each afternoon is the most exciting part about fantasy football πŸ€”.
  12. Well Patriots are piling up points and this guy's stat lines are pretty underwhelming through three weeks. Probably gonna bail.
  13. Edmonds easily if DJ is out. With that being said, sounds like DJ is in, so Montgomery.