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  1. Thanks for the help with mine. Buxton for me - his skill set is unique.
  2. Who do you prefer ROS. I’m leaning: Folty Hamels Woodruff Gray What do you think? Leave a link and WHIR
  3. Thanks for the help with mine. I like Buxton better was than Hicks but if not him then I would just wait out Hicks and let him shake the rust off.
  4. I have Ramos but Garver should be back in a few days. Ramos has been swinging better lately but before his injury Garver was one of the top performing catchers in fantasy. Who would you take ROS? Leave a link and WHIR
  5. Thanks for the help with mine. I actually like Calhoun given that Conforto will be out only a short period.
  6. I was watching all 3 but all seem to be coming off the IL at the same time. Please rank them 1 to 3. Stephen Matz (trust him to stay healthy?) Cody Anderson (velocity spike?) Carlos Martinez (only really valuable if he’s a starter) Leave a link and WHIR
  7. I feel like I have to with the upside of Chavis here, right?
  8. Thanks for the help with mine. You didn’t leave a link in your response to my question so I think this is what you were looking for opinions on. I like Naquin the best by far. Best bet to produce right now and has the potential to be a full season contributor.
  9. Have room for an extra OF. I need speed but I already have Starling Marte so I would prefer not to have 2 pirate outfielders. Thoughts? Leave a link and WHIR
  10. Thanks for the help with mine. To be honest, I’m a big Alonso fan and I like Taillon so I would stick with what you have. If you are desperate, deal A is way better than deal B.
  11. Thanks for the help with mine. I was dropping by to say Mancini and Erod but that’s what you did so all good!
  12. Thanks for the help with mine. Abreu isn’t flashy but is reliable and with Moncada/Anderson developing nicely he isn’t completely on his own in Chicago. Cash in on Marquez and do the deal.
  13. Categories: HR, 2B, 3B, Total Bases, SB, R, RBI, AVG, OPS Leave a link and WHIR