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  1. JULIO!!! I almost benched him. League Winner FTW!
  2. So how does everyone feel about his stats versus the vaunted Bills D?
  3. What kind of line can we expect against the 49ers D?
  4. I think Ekeler will still have a good role in this offense. Once Gordon gets up to speed I bet it's something along the lines of a 55/45 Gordon/Ekeler split. Ekeler should go for about 7 carries for 30 yards with 5 catches for 60 yards & maybe a TD this weekend.
  5. 2-4 with a walk and his 6th HR. What's a realistic ROS on this guy?
  6. He did an interview during one of the recent Sox games. He talked about the different grips that he uses to throw his pitches. Says he settled on a circle change for his changeup. IIRC that was exactly what Greg Maddux used to throw. Giolito's changeup is absolutely filthy and he has a 94-96 mph fastball to go with it. As a Sox fan I can only hope he keeps it up.
  7. Might be the best pitcher in baseball at the moment...
  8. Machado is going to sign with the Sox. They have Anderson at SS, so my bet is Machado will play 3B. That leaves Moncada at 2B. He really needs to cut the strikeouts down and stop swinging for the fences every at bat. They also need to unleash him and utilize his so-called speed. He really should be trying to get on base and cause havoc on the base paths...
  9. Looks like Portis is taking one for the team. Maybe the Bulls will try to showcase Parker so they can trade him. Rumor is the Knicks are interested in Parker. Somehow they always end up with the Bulls scraps: Eddy Curry, Joakim Noah, Tyson Chandler, Derrick Rose and hopefully now Parker too LOL!
  10. Parker needs to lose weight and play SF where he might actually be good at. Except he's stubborn and doesn't think this is a good idea. I bet his defense would be a little better if he were in much better shape and about 20-30 pounds lighters. He's currently listed at 245, but I'd bet hes over 250.
  11. I truly wonder what the issue is. Maybe he doesn't want to play because they suck?
  12. Harbaugh needs to be fired if he switches back to Flacco. Joe's time is over. There is no reason for Lamar to even be sharing any snaps with Flacco. Even if they sneak into the playoffs Baltimore isn't winning anything this season. So they should be focused on developing their young talent. Worst part is that Harbaugh is on record today saying Joe's too good to sit. So if he's available to play Lamar will be ceding snaps to Flacco...
  13. YES!!! 200 passing yards, 1 pass TD to go with 80 rushing yards and a rushing TD should be good for the floor.
  14. Your lineup is good. You can drop Adams or Ridley for a Kicker.