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  1. i really don't know how to value Mosley in that type of league. my gut reaction was to just hold Guice because by next year a young starting RB should have a whole lot of value.
  2. A.Jones Standard. if its PPR then I may switch that to Cohen.
  3. YES. I Love Ben's playoff schedule. And like you said, you already have 3 RB's that are better than Chubb. And just by adding Ben you'd at least know you wouldn't have to end up facing him in the playoffs.
  4. Chubb. the half PPR helps since White gets all the passes over Michel. and i tend to agree that Michel may get held back as they save him for the playoffs
  5. Thats a good deal for you considering your RB situation. Burton can be a suitable replacement & Ingram & Hilton upgrade you. But I see no harm in dangling Ertz out to other teams to see if you can land an even better back. Maybe not but I'd shop around first.
  6. Very fair offer. I think I'd rather hold onto to what you have. Ertz is elite and L.Miller has been solid lately & can be mixed and matched w Chubb-Crowell. Personally, I don't trust Jimmy Graham & while I love the upside of Michel it is frustrating to know whether you can count on him week to week. But I can def see the Michel upside as worth a shot too. I just like the consistency of Ertz.
  7. As long as Fournette is getting the green light, I'd probably go with him for the upside
  8. I guess I'd take a shot with S.Shepard of the two. He does get a good amount of targets with Giants trailing a lot. And next week they play Tampa's bad pass defense so maybe he becomes usable there.
  9. Tough call. I worry about T.Y.'s hamstring and can't quite figure out if AJ Green being hurt will help Boyd (more targets) or hurt him (more coverage). I lean toward T.Y. just because I trust Luck more than Dalton.
  10. STANDARD Scoring, NOT PPR. Assuming that both Mack & Sony Michel are cleared to go, which 2 would you start? Mack vs Jax Sony at Tenn AJones vs Mia Kerryon @ Chi Thanks, leave your link
  11. i'd do it. grab Doyle off the waiver wire and i don't think you downgrade at TE at all really. so you'd be getting Kupp for Tate which feels safer w the way the Rams O is scoring. plus WR on new teams don't usually light it up so im not expecting anything crazy from Tate.
  12. I def like K.Allen for 1 starter. tough call on the backs. I'm leaning Chubb for the matchup.
  13. Weekly H2H Points League. Which one should I sit? Flaherty 60 @ Pitt (TWilliams) Skaggs 62 @ Tor (ASanchez) Manaea 55 vs AZ (Corbin) Thanks, leave your link
  14. went Crabtree. KC defense is awful and Peters is suspended. great matchup. Gordon is intriguing but supposed to be pretty windy in Cleveland today
  15. i think i'd have to go Kerwynn just because he will def get the touches.
  16. the wind is def worrying me about Gordon now SeaJay21 - i like your lineup but might go L.Murray instead of Hyde.
  17. i like Hogan better if i knew he was def playing. since i don't i'd go Tate
  18. i know he's coming off a bad game but i'd have to stick w Howard here
  19. STANDARD Scoring. Which ONE would you start? Evans vs Lions Hill vs Raiders Gordon vs Packers Thanks, leave your link