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  1. i know he's coming off a bad game but i'd have to stick w Howard here
  2. STANDARD Scoring. Which ONE would you start? Evans vs Lions Hill vs Raiders Gordon vs Packers Thanks, leave your link
  3. i like both but would go Lewis. saw the same topic and everyone is choosing Lewis here
  4. i'd stay put. i wouldn't trust the injury snap count thing
  5. i like Rex
  6. I like them in the order you listed. 1. Drake 2. Hyde 3. D.Lewis.
  7. 6 points per TD. 1 point per 10 yards. Who should I start? Ben vs Ravens Cousins at Chargers Winston vs Lions Thanks, leave your link
  8. I'd go with Ryan at home. I don't trust Alex Smith at this point and Pats D has been playing really well of late
  9. I like one of the Titans WR's against the Texans. I guess for PPR I'd give the edge to Matthews but I wouldn't mind rolling the dice on a breakout game for C.Davis either.
  10. i'd go w Jamaal Williams. and def Rudolph
  11. STANDARD Scoring. Need 1 for RB and 1 for Flex. Gore at Jax Abdullah at Balt Woodhead vs Det Shepard at Oak Thanks, leave your link
  12. It's an upgrade for you based off need so I say do it.
  13. I'd go with Keenum. Pats D has been playing well and I don't trust Winston's health
  14. Oh, cool. Thanks for the info. Def worried about Geno but figured Shepard will still get a ton of targets.
  15. I would stick with Engram. Clay still has the lingering knee issue so I see him vs Engram as a tossup. If you do decide to go w Clay though, the cut I would make is Coleman. Can't see you ever starting him.
  16. STANDARD Scoring. Who should I start Doctson at Dallas Shepard at Oakland Thanks, leave your link
  17. I don't see any move for you to make. Only potential move would be to put Inman in for either Crowder or Adrian. but i like the lineup as you have it.
  18. I'd drop D.Walker for Olsen. even if you don't end up starting him over Graham you're at least preventing your opponents from using him against you
  19. Doug & Rex. though i don't mind White in PPR either.