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  1. J.Williams, Sony, and CJA if no Gurley. If Gurley plays then go with McGuire.
  2. Cousins. Would have gone Winston until I read that Tampa might take a look at backup QB Ryan Griffin
  3. Standard Scoring. In a week 17 free-for-all game where highest score takes some money. Which RB & WR would you start? C.Carson vs Arizona D.Henry vs Indianapolis Julio at Tampa T.Y. at Tennessee Thanks, leave your link
  4. Vance. much more upside
  5. I'd ride or die with Rivers
  6. I'd stick with David Johnson. I don't trust the Packers to use Williams. Anderson is intriguing, boom or bust. I'd feel better with DJ in there
  7. STANDARD Scoring. Which one would you start? Cooks at Cardinals Hilton vs Giants Thanks, leave your link
  8. despite his recent struggles, I'd ride with Cam at home. hopefully he'll need to throw a lot to keep up w the Saints
  9. C.Samuel. I know he's playing, but the foot injury concerns me with Pettis
  10. Ryan at home in the dome. Rodgers at Chicago is a tough draw
  11. I like White. He's got upside for a monster PPR game if Belichick decides to make it one of those style games where he uses short passes instead of runs.
  12. Really tough call at WR, I like them all. I'd definitely start Julio. And I'd sit T.Y. because of the injury. I think I'd go Woods over Cooper. Eagles have guys off the street trying (and failing miserably) to play corner.
  13. I'd stick w David Johnson. Atlanta Defense isn't any good plus Cam is playing hurt
  14. Mack. i got a feeling about him and the Colts this week plus i don't trust DMartin