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  1. C.Samuel is my 1st choice. Sutton would be 2nd
  2. Connor if he plays. he probably isn't though so I lean toward Jared Cook. he has become a major focal point of the Raiders offense
  3. 1. C.Samuel - been playing well & Saints allow most fantasy pts to WR 2. Pettis - scored the last 3 games, SF doesn't have many options 3. R.Anderson - boom or bust, as likely to do nothing as he is to score
  4. I'd go with Mack
  5. McGuire. Jets are home for both games and I think more likely to try to rely on the run in both games. neither offers much in the receiving game.
  6. I'd go McGuire. With Crowell done, he should see almost all the carries. Golladay would be my 2nd choice, C.Samuel my 3rd
  7. tough call. none are great for receptions so I'm going to go with Gus Edwards. best chance imo for a TD this week
  8. STANDARD Scoring. Which ONE would you SIT? Can only start 2 Chubb at Denver Lindsay vs Cleveland Mixon vs Oakland Thanks, leave your link
  9. Thanks. Gurley is my other starter. And there's no Flex in this league. I checked a bunch of rankings and Mixon averages to about 6th and Fournette to about 10th. But it's splitting hairs. Like you said, Fournette had put up a few big games before last week in Tennessee. I really do like both their matchups. Right now I am leaning Mixon because of what seems to be the safer floor.
  10. Curtis Samuel. For the season the Saints have allowed the most fantasy points to opposing WR. Panthers should be trailing so hopefully he gets a lot of chances
  11. Ouch. That’s brutal. You have to play Connor if he’s active. Otherwise C.Davis over Zay Jones and then yeah a 2nd Titan in Dion Lewis. Is there any desperation player you can grab off the waiver wire?
  12. I'd go with Ertz over Samuel. he had 14 receptions on 18 targets in the 2 games Foles started this year. and Eagles should be trailing and throwing a lot.
  13. STANDARD scoring. Which ONE would you start (have Gurley and there's no Flex)? Mixon vs Raiders Fournette vs Skins Thanks, leave your link
  14. i lean Jackson but its really a tossup to me. i think i'd use both over A.Jones in Chicago.
  15. I'd SIT White unless its PPR. Then I'd consider him in place of Jones.
  16. Cooks. Eagles secondary is decimated and Rams are back home coming off a loss.
  17. I'd choose between the RB's. Despite the tough match-up I'd go with Aaron Jones
  18. HEAVY QB Scoring. 6pts per TD. 1pt per 10 yards. Minus 3 for Interceptions Who would you start? Luck vs Dallas Rivers at Kansas City Thanks, leave your link
  19. toss-up, im going to lean toward Ben. feels like he'll be in more of a shootout type game.