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  1. Also going with Ingram and Cook. They have the most upside
  2. I like Sony Michel in Standard. But I might lean Cooper if it's a PPR
  3. 1. ODB 2. Sanders 3. Cooper Even if AJ Green plays, will he be playing at, or close to 100%? Plus he is a bad spot with Dalton out.
  4. I'd go DJ Moore. C.Davis and Titans passing game is hard to trust. Watkins is banged up so not sure he'll play or be effective.
  5. Who would you start? Texans vs Browns Packers vs Cardinals Thanks, leave your link
  6. Looking for a Week 16 Title Game Defense. How do you rank these for just that week 16 game: Cowboys vs Tampa Dolphins vs Jags Colts vs Giants Cowboys & Colts have come on lately. Dolphins stink but Jags are bad and playing Cody Kessler now.
  7. I was just knocking the Bengals DST but from this batch I think I'd have to go with them. It doesn't sound like Flacco will play and you'd expect Lamar or RG3 to make some mistakes
  8. I would do that deal. I don't see Fitz & L.Jackson as having much value so it's basically an upgrade from Rivers to Ryan.
  9. I think its pretty even. It really would come down to the rest of the rosters plus the team records. Cooks still does have his bye so that could sting if you really need to win to get in. I voted A based off Cooks having his bye still and because A is getting the extra player (since Ekeler is just a handcuff).
  10. I definitely like Sutton the most from that group. and likely playing from behind vs the Chargers should hopefully help him see more targets.
  11. Titans. I know the matchup isn't as good but I find it hard to trust Cincy. Titans have been playing solid defense
  12. I'd go with Tate. Expect he'll be on the field a lot more than he was last week now that he's had a little more time with the team. Eagles likely will have to throw a ton playing at the Superdome
  13. 100% do that deal. Having Ertz makes Olsen very dispensable. Adding Ingram over Martin to the backfield would be a big upgrade
  14. Standard Scoring, NON-ppr. Which one would you start? Boyd @ Baltimore Mack vs Tennessee Kerryon vs Carolina Thanks, leave your link
  15. Def do that. You have enough solid RB's to not really miss Ingram and AB would be a huge upgrade. I don't think the AB owner would take the deal but its a fair enough offer if needs RB help badly enough
  16. I know Ebron went off last week but Rotoworld said Doyle played 87.3% of the snaps
  17. Luck. Seattle really relying more on the run game these days. Don't like the matchup but Luck has been good pretty much all season
  18. I'd stick with Hicks. He plays just about 100% of the snaps for the Eagles. and with their secondary in shambles he should be chasing down a lot of tackles
  19. also going to go with Boyd. was surprised he didn't have more targets last week, expecting that to change this week
  20. Amari Cooper. Falcons pass D is one of the worst. Alex Collins at Flex.
  21. I would do it simply because I like Lindsey. I'm not a fan of D.Martin and like you said M.Davis is going to constantly be battling with 2 other backs for carries. Getting Tate is just a nice little bonus, like a WR handcuff in case Alshon goes out.
  22. Who would you start this week in STANDARD NON-PPR? Doyle vs Tennessee Graham at Seattle Thanks, leave your link