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  1. Didn’t see the game and never heard of this guy but the stats look good, especially for a PPR format. Anything to see here?
  2. 14 team .5 PPR league. Need to upgrade my WRs and have decent depth at RB although that will change if I do this deal. My roster is as follows: QB Lamar Jackson ($3) RB Nick Chubb ($11) RB James Robinson ($5) WR Cooper Kupp ($47) WR Brendan Cooks ($15) TE Darren Waller ($5) Flex Chris Carson ($52) Flex Greg Ward ($5) Bench Corey Davis ($5) Bench Leonard Fournette ($39) Bench Joshua Kelley ($1) Bench Dalton Schultz ($5) IR Devine Ozigbo ($5) This is a keeper league by the way, which impacts value. Boyd is $14 and can kept three more times while Anderson is $1 and can also be kept three times, so both could theoretically be good pieces to have at the trade deadline. Happy to help in return. Thanks in advance.
  3. Yes, this was what made me bump this thread.
  4. Why is no one talking about him? 6 HR/4 SB 18% K rate, 15% BB rate .247 ISO, .290 BABIP with a .267 BA 9% Soft% (42% Hard%) 21.6% LD/29.7% GB/48.6% FB 7.9% SwStrk% Are these not elite numbers?
  5. Off to a hot start filling in for Hays. Was a top-ish prospect a couple years back. His peripherals don’t seem that impressive, but the plate discipline looks good. Any reason to believe in him this year?
  6. I’d be cautious. Oakland strikes out a ton. I’ve fallen into a few traps with pitchers after they’ve faced Oakland.
  7. Announcers just said Gott is warming up for the Giants.
  8. Delino DeSheilds (Indians) is a similar option who was just reactivated and actually has an easier path to playing on a regular basis.
  9. It's only been two starts, but his peripherals on Fangraphs look really good. His Statcast numbers not so much. Not sure what to make of all of this, if anything, but figured it was worth bumping this thread. Anyone care to opine?
  10. Right. I assumed he'd be called up at some point, but I was wondering if we see him this week (assuming there is baseball later this week).
  11. With Harold Ramirez and many other Marlins getting hit hard with Covid-19, do people think he gets called up? He had a great Spring Training and Summer Camp.
  12. 17-year old SS recently signed by the Giants and is being compared to Tatis Jr. Obviously take it with a grain of salt at this point, but someone to definitely keep tabs on whenever baseball returns.
  13. Good points. I did forget about Bruce and the delayed start will allow Cutch more time to get healthy. If he does get an opportunity though, I think he could surprise people. He had solid MiLB numbers, started to come on a bit last year before getting hurt yet again, and was having a good spring.