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  1. 17-year old SS recently signed by the Giants and is being compared to Tatis Jr. Obviously take it with a grain of salt at this point, but someone to definitely keep tabs on whenever baseball returns.
  2. Good points. I did forget about Bruce and the delayed start will allow Cutch more time to get healthy. If he does get an opportunity though, I think he could surprise people. He had solid MiLB numbers, started to come on a bit last year before getting hurt yet again, and was having a good spring.
  3. I think I'd go with Sutton. Miami stinks, but so does the Jets offense.
  4. I'm currently playing it safe with ARob in my flex, but I'm tempted to start Washington @ AZ. However, no Gabriel helps ARob, so I'm torn. Thoughts?
  5. Right now I have scarbrough because I just don’t trust the bears offense. Is that crazy?
  6. FWIW:
  7. Just refreshed the page in ESPN and he is now projected to get 8 points.
  8. Alright, you guys talked me out of it. Maybe I'll try to aim higher and target someone like Zeke for those two (his owner is 0-3 and considering selling for 2020 keepers already).
  9. Agree with both the previous posters. Go with trade #2.
  10. That's tempting, but I agree with the previous poster. Maybe shoot a bit lower and try to hang onto Cooks or McLaurin?