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  1. I'm still waiting on Verlander to finally break his silence on the matter. I don't get why the commissioner gave the players immunity - they knew about it and benefited from it. I guess it's a MLBPA thing and getting them to roll on the management who doesn't have the union protections. Manfred's one year suspension and fine - big deal. I mean the firings came from the ownership of the teams. Have to hope the baseball writers who have HOF ballots blackball any players from the team. To me this is much more Black Sox than steroids or Rose in that this was a conspiracy to cheat rather than lone wolf individuals in the case of steroids.
  2. Beltran was a player at the time - did he take part? Passan seems to be saying players will not be punished at all - just the management and organizations. Hopefully HOF voters treat these players the same they treat the steroid cheats and Pete Rose.
  3. Cora looks to have been the mastermind, but Hinch let it go on. Also players have MLBPA protecting them first and far-most so justice against players might be slower in coming. Players all knew and went along with it. Fiers knew and he was a pitcher.
  4. This should have lifetime bans. Also interesting that no players - who were completely involved as well - seem to be getting punished. They cheated to win the World Series. Full Stop. Cheating to win is no different that using steroids. Every offensive player should be banned from HOF.
  5. Basically a salary dump. Either to cut costs or spend the money elsewhere.
  6. Sunday being September of course. I think it's more a morale booster for him to have him back on the team and around the guys than he'll be somebody the Tribe use a lot out of the BP. This is bigger than Fantasy of course, but this is a FBB website.
  7. Is Plesac starting @ Detroit or TB this week? I see conflicting information. His regular rotation spot would see him getting Detroit, but Yahoo has him a couple days later vs TB. Was he bumped back for the tougher match-up?
  8. Fair or foul - Cxckblocking streaming against your team? Opponent gets up at a** crack of dawn (or works nights) and grabs two best streamers each morning for the next day. I have a couple roster spots open right now that I could grab the best streamers for the following day ie he grabs Wednesday streamers this morning, I could grab Thursdays best streaming options today and cut them on Wednesday sending them to waiver wire so he couldn't grab them tomorrow morning sorta deal. I have no intent to pitch them, just keep them from my opponent. I could do this the rest of the week always being a day ahead and then dropping them to waivers preventing him from getting them. Legit strategy right? All's fair in love, war and fantasy baseball?
  9. Basically if all goes right we're looking at a July 2021 ETA.
  10. He's got Baltimore at the end of the week at home.
  11. E-Rod is trending on cut bait territory. He's a hot mess right now.
  12. Seems to get banged up a lot. Being on the field is a skill.
  13. ESPN Reporter says he's hearing Contreras out 4 weeks. So see him in September.
  14. Bull. It was known Detroit wanted Torres from the Yanks at that time - that means they would have accepted Bregman.
  15. And Cubbies traded away Maldonado. Caratini gets the load going forward?