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  1. Sure it was probably post-workout pump, but Chavis looks like he might be "outgrowing" second base rather rapidly.
  2. Trump golfed 6-7 times at Maralago and held about equal amount of destination campaign rallies between January and March so "he wuz distracted by impeachment" was never going to sell even before Trump himself said he wasn't distracted and handled the federal government reaction a 10 out of 10. That explanation attempt by McConnell and Senate GOP did however indicate that they don't believe Trump response has been 10 out of 10, or close to it.
  3. Off-season rumored trade to Boston piqued my interest enough to buy him late in drafts. With the Sale surgery Boston might look to Padres Quantrll again, which had Wil included in lieu of Boston paying a higher prospect price.
  4. I'm still calling a 4th of July opening day and an 80(or so) game schedule - July, August, September regular season, October playoffs. Games will be played in home ball parks across the country and in Toronto. Might have some social distancing built in - selling every second row, every second seat sorta deal so only a quarter of capacity at games.
  5. I don't think any shelter in place directives have ever said stay indoors and don't go out for walks. I also don't think the directives were to binge-watch news shows.
  6. He's been saying for weeks that anybody who wants a test could have one. This will tell people in near real time versus the many days lag but how wide spread will the availability be? This will be best for healthcare workers who could literally test every shift eventually.
  7. ^Exponential Growth is a helluva thing. 2-3 days and it will be 4000 and then 2-3 days later it will be 8000... NYC and New Orleans taking the ****-kicking right now with Detroit and ATL close. Chicago is probably next and all of Florida is a powderkeg.
  8. Social distancing is just a delay while a vaccine is worked at. Its so that the healthcare system isn't over run and there is a steady trickle of cases needing hospitalization and ventilation versus a wave all at once. The whole flattening the curve thing. Social distancing will have to go on as long as there isn't a treatment or vaccine. It can gradually fade though once testing comes about to see who has had it without knowing and are thus immune. Those folks can go back to regular lives but it will take many months for any herd immunity to develop. Stop social distancing too quickly and rates will spike again and hospitals will be overrun.
  9. Trump's favorite medical expert Dr. Birx will just claim it's a-ok to go back to large crowds and no travel bans. If MLB plays in empty stadiums - I'd rather see them play in ST fields, or even newly made fields in unique settings at least. Like the game they were going to play at the Field of Dreams field in Iowa. It would be cheap as hell to just add a temporary HR fence, backstop and diamond in interesting settings.
  10. My guess is that baseball would be the least impacted as it's a summer sport and Covid-19 is spread much like the regular seasonal flu and the flu fades out in the warm months due to folks not being in close quarters inside with stale air and because the humidity actually lowers the spread radius of coughing/sneezing/respiration moisture. What the US is basically doing is trying to buy time to get to the spring and especially summer months - which the hope is to then buy time with the heat in hopes a vaccine is developed by the start of next years flu season. I think the NHL and NBA end of seasons could be at risk. I'd definitely stop going to games(if I ever attended to begin with) and I'd also avid concerts and going to the gym(those cheap places are germ factories - especially with sick folks thinking they can sweat out the illness quicker). Avoid crowds, shop at off-peak times when necessary - wash your hands like a madman and don't touch your face. Also probably stock up on 2wks to a months worth of food necessities and toiletries and if you are on meds go to your doctor and get a months supply on top of what you have now (ie always have a months supply stashed). I think the US will have voluntary quarantines in break out areas with gov services shutting down, buses not running etc and anybody who can work from home will be encouraged to. Could see an early summer break as well at schools.
  11. I wonder if the dirt bike story was a cover for a rodeo related injury now.