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  1. Those IFs are what I was talking about, with mediocre talent in the nfl you run the risk of being beat out by someone else. Also the bengals went 2-14 last year and still only attempted 616 passes for an avg of 38.5 per game. The bengals won’t be throwing 61 times every game. Sample has value in ppr formats but in STD you will find players that provide more with less. Volume, while important isn’t the only thing fantasy owners need to be looking at.
  2. I need not quote when you hijacked this thread with your pathetic personal shots at me. I was pointing out that drew sample doesn’t have elite athleticism that someone earlier stated. I mentioned the 2nd round pick pointing out there isn’t necessarily a correlation between a players draft position and level of talent. Please work on your reading comprehension before you hijack threads with your insecurities.
  3. Says the dude who has offered nothing to this thread other than pointing out you like Jonnu Smith more than drew sample. Good owners recognize that opportunity is key but pure fantasy gold is when talent meets opportunity.
  4. I’ll stay and wait for you to garner the ability to recognize talent. Ppr value for sure as I stated, very little value in std. sample caught 46 passes in his 4 year career at UW, his yds per catch 10.6. Could score some TDS however burrow spreads it around(see mike Thomas td).
  5. Yeah I don’t read CSBs. I bet it was a good one though.
  6. Hopefully you don’t own him in STD. League winner right there.
  7. Of course however Schultz has been going for similar prices as sample and MAC has been cheaper. Both have more talent than sample, don’t let the fact sample was drafted in the 2nd round fool you, bengals make terrible draft picks all the time. John Ross was selected 9th overall by Cincy, one spot ahead of pat mahomes.
  8. Jalen hurts more than Carson Wentz
  9. Not much value beyond ppr leagues. Sample is a blocking TE who is anything but dynamic in the passing game. He will certainly get targets with uzomah out however most catches will be within 5 yds of the LOS and sample is not a big YAC guy at all. Guys like schultz and Allie-Cox provide better upside with similar floors.
  10. Andy Dalton was qb16 as a rookie for the bengals in 2011. His wr1 was a rookie AJ green, the bengals were expected to be one of the worst teams in the league in the preseason but ended up making the playoffs. Burrow is about the same age dalton was back then however burrow is a much better prospect than dalton. Burrow also has a much better set of WRs and a dynamic RB. It’s not unreasonable for burrow to finish in the 11-15 range with top 10 upside for certain.