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  1. Hey guys, I have a bit of a problem, since Yahoo has finally figured out how to block non-US players from Pro Leagues. 😫 I live in The Netherlands and have been playing the Pro Leagues (MLB/NFL/NBA) for about 5 years using VPN's to bypass the restrictions to enter. But now they have figured out how to detect VPN (I am using Nord), so i appear to be stuck. i also tried a few free ones, but no luck. I am just playing the $20 leagues, since Public leagues suck (don't really care about the money, just the level of activity). Anybody know a way to get in? Or are there any alternatives that allow non-US residents to play? Let me know! Mark
  2. .5 PPR Adrian Peterson (vs NYG) DeAndre Washington (vs LAC) Dion Lewis (vs NOS) Leaning towards Peterson as he appears to be the safest available.
  3. Yes, I would definitely do that trade ...
  4. My team QB A Rodgers / K Murray RB N Chubb / L Bell / T Gurley / J White / R Freeman WR A Cooper / C Godwin / S Watkins / DJ Moore / W Fuller TE A Hooper The offer is I give Bell/Godwin/Freeman and I get Julio Jones/Kerryon Johnson/Larry Fitzgerald It's a 2 RB 2 WR 1 FLEX 0.5 PPR league WHIR ... leave a link
  5. Thanks guys. I guess the opinions at mixed. I am considering to offer him Andrus for Moncada. he would also provide some backup at 2B. You think that would be better for me?
  6. His Eugenio Suarez for my Corey Seager! It's a 5x5 ROTO league with added MI en CI-spots My current relevant lineup is; 3B Justin Turner CI Jesus Aguilar SS Xander Bogaerts MI Corey Seager After the trade it wold be 3B Eugenio Suarez CI Justin Turner SS Xander Bogaerts MI Elvis Andrus I have Miguel Andujar and Scooter Gennett on DL, Jose Abreu as my 1B and Jonathan Villar as my 2B (also qualifies at SS) I think I should accept this trade, right?
  7. ... enough to start them tonight in a 5 x 5 ROTO-league? Archer vs Cincinnati / Stroman at Cleveland
  8. Team in sig below (5x5 roto) ... I have been offered Marcell Ozuna for my Rosario. Not too long ago I would have accepted that immediately, but I have my doubts about Ozuna ROS ... I think I should pass on this, right? WHIR ... leave a link!
  9. Get Sano , give Adams ... unless i missed something regarding the injury, that's a no-brainer, right? I just added Adams from FA two days ago
  10. Rendon for Strasburg is a pretty fair trade, but it would leave you with a big hole in your pitching staff .... Paxton/Quintana/Bauer are more SP2 or SP3 tier. Maybe Chapman straight up for Quintana? I agree with you that Cabrera ROS doesn't feel good ... probably even better to play Franco in that spot in the long run.
  11. Castillo is warming the bench, but I am not ready to drop him for Wood just yet. Picked up Kingery (for Frazier) ... not sure he will be all that great, but don't mind the gamble for a bench spot. Wood will clear waivers tomorrow.
  12. I actually traded for Paxton a couple weeks ago (Paxton/Castellanos for Sano) to replace some innings for Bumgarner. That being said, I think giving Hoskins AND Smoak for Upton and Hoskins is a but too much. I would prefer to get Nola here. Thanks for mine!
  13. Kingery and Wood have both been dropped in my 12-team Pro20 Yahoo League (5x5 Roto). Should I add them or not? And if so, who should I drop? WHIR ... leave a link
  14. Sure ... let's add Donaldson to the list. Getting ridiculous!