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  1. I think they do it by months (i.e. May, June) not 30 days at a time. I'm only going by the way its been advertised, as I've always gotten the year subscription.
  2. This is very wrong. They can locate where you actually plug in your internet connection through your IP address. Very easy to do and alot of websites block various countries/regions all the time. Thats why if you go to say Korea, and type in www.google.com, you'll automatically be redirected to www.google.co.kr. And a few years ago I split the package 3 ways among my friends and never had an issue. We could watch games at the same time on the same account. That doesn't mean I'm giving out my password to people I don't know and its not a guarentee for anyone...I'm just saying for future reference...
  3. I used it all of last year and so far this year without any problems with it. Check the minimum system requirements, I think it takes up a bit of RAM, so if you run other programs while trying to watch it could be part of it.
  4. Does anybody else have a problem with the "full screen" mode not being completely full screen? During spring training it was fine, but now its maybe 3/4 size with a big black ring around the picture. Am I the only one who has this problem? Does anyone with the premium account have this problem? (I have the basic package)