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  1. A hitter we will probably never see again, man brings tears back to my eyes reading some of this stuff again
  3. Fun fact: In extra innings Tony Gwynn hit .393/.498/.500 (252 PA) One of my favorite Tony Gwynn stats is that the pitcher who struck him out the most was Nolan Ryan, nine times. And Ryan managed to strike him out just nine times in 67 PA
  4. My fondest moment on a personal level of Tony Gwynn would have to have come in 1993.I was playing JUCO at Grossmont, and was working for the San Diego School of Baseball at the time as an assistant (shag balls, set up, clean up, basically do whatever they ask). One afternoon after one of the hitting clinics was over, there were 2 of us assistants hanging around getting things cleaned up. Tony stayed late to sign autographs for every kid in attendance (well over 1000). I had spoken quite a bit to Tony over the year, he knew me, he addressed me by name, he never made me feel like just a random person, anyways as he was walking out one day, he asked me how my season was going. I was doing pretty good, and had been working on taking the ball the other way (as a lefty) so I brought up my approach to him.He put down his stuff and went into the cage with me, asking me to show him rather than tell him. For about 15 mins he sat and watched as I attempted to replicate his 5.5 approach. I was a pretty good "slappy" type hitter, your prototypical 80's 90's style no 2 hitter. Anyways he didnt say anything for 15 mins, which I thought was odd. I always was used to a mouth in my ear every time I hit. From my Dad, to my high school coach, up to Eddie Olsen at GC.After I was done he took a few swings, and showed me a couple tips. It was amazing. When he hit in the cage, he wasnt that 5.5 guy, and he explained to me that when he is at the plate his approach is always to hit it through the pitchers legs, cause there is nobody there to get you out. So while hitting he proceeded to hit 10 consecutive pitches right back through the hole in the net where the ball came out (roughly the size of a softball) I was in shock. He told me also that if you work on hitting the ball the other way in the cages, when you get in the game that pitch is going to be coming a little faster, and you are going to foul alot of pitches off, which made sense.To wrap up, I thanked Tony and started about my cleanup, he said goodbye and was walking to his car, when I saw that 32-30 still leaned against the cage with a pair of brand new Franklin batting gloves on it (the ones he wore that day at the camp) I grabbed them and chased him to his car, saying Tony you forgot your stuff, to which he replied."Those aren't mine D."That summer I played in a wood bat league and stupidly although successfully used Tony's bat to the tune of a .432 BA, but broke it during the last game of the season. I kept it in shards for a couple years, but after a few moves it disappeared.I will always have that memory of Tony. What a man, what a hitter, what a human being
  5. yep that's why I was looking to bump that RIP thread to the front, there was so many things, including my personal story with Tony
  6. I was trying to find the tony gwynn thread for a nostalgic bump anyone help?
  7. no talk about the Locusts? Im not a bible dude, an Atheist in fact, but arent these like 2 signs of the apocalypse? If the seas turn red? start praying? Jesus returns on actual Easter?
  8. I hope MLB steps up when the game does return and offer free MLB tv to everyone I think stadiums will be empty all season regardless
  9. Wil Myers, potential 20/20 guy in an improved lineup with no pressure to be the guy anymore ADP 311 could post relatively the same numbers as Pham Trent Grisham same thing as Myers ADP 302 both these guys are great 4/5 OF with upside potential bigtime
  10. As a padre fan I disagree. The major league rotation is pretty solid to start the year. Gore and Patiño need more time and Baez and morejon will be stretched out. Hell quantrill could even be penciled there which would make them have 5 top 100 pitchers in the rotation
  11. 😱 Gore Patino Baez Morejon Bolanos insane rotation and outfield they will have
  12. hes got CF I truly believe, and now there is talk that he slides into the 2 spot vs righties (which will be a lot) and lengthen and balance the Padres lineup Tatis Grisham Machado Hosmer Pham Myers/Naylor Profar/Dozier Mejia/Hedges pretty deep, against lefties, Pham would move to 2, Grisham could drop to 7/9
  13. Christine Michael is even a bust in the XFL, man my first round pick!