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  1. yep, had to waste a TO to decide to go for it on 4th and 4? really?
  2. if you havent (I have him in all 3 leagues) add Taysom Hill Brees, Bridgewater and Taysom are all FA's Saints probably wont be able to keep Taysom if he decides he wants a chance to at least compete at a starting spot at QB I think he would be a perfect fit in Los Angeles, and give him a pure shot against Tyrod next year, and could land in a solid fantasy situation Ekeler and Taysom in the backfield could be epic fun
  3. AJB Deebo Metcalf F1 (only cause I dont trust his situation or QB, the other 3 already have good QB's)
  4. if the Cards dont keep Drake, I could see them making a big play for Ekeler, he would be an amazing fit in that system
  5. they can get AJ Green for less of a headache, Manny Sanders or Robbie Anderson would be the ideal fit
  6. thats the biggest thing, they are fielding a bunch of DH's
  7. I mean I get it, but at least you weren't stuck with having to play him every week, hoping for a miracle I had David Johnson in another league, as well as Kerryon, and it was easier to just move on from them and be done with it
  8. if he does every become closer we need to uniformally change our team names to Prince Albert
  9. sweet, I really started this garbage over Devonta???
  10. fwiw to me, a bust isnt someone like DJohnson, cause once he lost his gig he was an easy cut and replace which is why Kamara is no 1 for me for bust, cause you just couldn't bench him
  11. Padres just added the next Kirby Yates in Pierce Johnson, hes a name to watch, if the Padres dont live up to expectations and become sellers at the deadline. That pen is crazy deep now