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  1. I’ve started drake every week but 1. Wanna guess which week 😂
  2. Rotoworld calls him in the discussion as a low end QB1 one going forward have they watched a single game? Dude is top 4 bare minimum, and after Mahomes and Wilson I could justify taking him 3rd off the board next year My 2 QB keeper league is looking great with Herbert in the 15th and Burrows in the 14th seriously, who are you starting over him at this point? Murray, Rodgers maybe? dunno
  3. Jackson was on the field for all 3 drives they scored and off the field when they punted lynn is a horrible coach. Stick to your stupid rotations don’t do what’s working whatever you do
  4. Mckinnon, Hasty nope FU all Wilson who was hurt and didnt even practice all week
  5. thankfully they realized he was on the field in the 2nd half
  6. apparently Juju is dependent on Diontae playing
  7. I am assuming Ertz is done for the day, he already got his 1 for 9 not expecting more
  8. wrong again, it was based off usage of KC RB's like I said 1300 yards rushing and 13 total tds, 500 yards rec and 70 catches, if he got 75% of that production its not 1st round worthy
  9. and when was Ekeler drafted even last year? hell this year? I got him in the 3rd in PPR I never said the kid isn't good, I think hes alot like Ekeler in play style. Doesn't mean I think hes a 1st round PPR guy, just like I didn't think Ekeler was either As a late 2nd/early 3rd, I would be all over CEH. As a 1st rounder, hell no