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  1. I tried the link but I can't seem to get the discount price. Don't know why.
  2. Hey what's up man? New to the site, just trying to meet some more fans. Who are your favorite teams? Big Pacers, Cubs, and Packers fan myself.

  3. So by wait and see you mean don't wait, but go add and then bench and see if he's any good. Sure, like my post said, wait if you don't have an obvious drop, but if you do then it's worth a stash but not an immediate start (thus creating a different kind of "wait" scenario). In either case, it's "wait and see." And I also said "if in fact he does gets the starting nod," consider stashing him. That also assumes a waiting period as he hasn't been confirmed the starter yet. So nowhere in my post does it suggest "don't wait." Okay, I just want to get this straight before I don't wait to wait. So don't wait if he gets the starting nod, but wait to start until you see him perform and wait to add unless you have an obvious drop but should I have an obvious drop then I should drop him for a mouse, in house or not in box with a fox. Should I add him here or there or should I add him anywhere? I do not like William Powell but I should add and see, if I do like William Powell he's free, he's free. But if I wait to see, I may have no chance to add and see. Maybe I will just wait and see. I wish I had as much free time as you to constantly post these irrational and totally non helpful posts in all these threads. I recall a similarly absurd post in the Zuerlein thread about a ghost and some other non useful crap. I come to these forums for some insight on players that others may have more information on than me and I get this useless BS from you and from others like you. Why clutter the forums with your nonsensical babbling?