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  1. At 1-5 I may just start him with the off chance he goes off, my opponent will be pi$$ed...
  2. Fair enough...but if you ask a casual fan who Gronk, is they know. Ask a casual fan who Julio Jones is, they know. Ask a casual fan who Josh Gordon is...? After Monday night...they'll know...
  3. After TB was talking trash to the Bills Mafia, I expect them to come out gunning...Also, for whatever reason, I kind of think the Pats want to show they are smarter than you (the collective you, or us) by taking a "troubled" JG and making him a super star. Granted it's about winning for them, but in this case (and many other games) they will be able to do both. Plus, it's MNF...Is it just me, or do that Pats enjoy showing off on the big stage? The WR #'s vs the Bills aren't great...but call this the gamblers fallacy...they're due.
  4. I'll start by saying I'm happy I own JG...there's a CHANCE he ends up being what we hope...However: He did look slow on that catch, I totally expected a TD when I saw where he caught that, and the path decision he made, I was shocked he didn't score. I hope he hasn't lost a step. 8 targets a game (based upon last 2 games and seems about right) in that offense is good (128 over 16 games). If Gordon catches 55% of the projected targets that's appx 70 rec over a 16 game season, at 15 ypc (between current and career....ish) he's around 1100 and some TD's...he's going to be a valuable contributor, and depending on the TD's, a big piece going forward. If i were to make a bet, I'm guessing top 12-15 RoS, and a shot at more. He and Brady are still a bit out of synch...Julian is still #1, Gronk (when healthy) will be a player, but the arrow is pointing up IMO on Josh Gordon and he won't be out of my lineup going forward.
  5. If we redrafted today, he goes as a top 20 WR IMO...I just looked at a top 200 RoS, and I would take him over: Alshon (maybe), Robinson, Hilton, Tate, Landry, Baldwin, C. Davis, J. Brown, Shepard, M. Jones (all guys who are ranked above him on the RoS I looked at). And, is anyone going to be surprised if he is a top 5 or 10 WR the rest of the way? I certainly understand the hesitation, and the reluctance to EXPECT that to occur, but he's a WR with elite ball skills, in an elite offense with an elite QB...the opportunity is there. Buckle up...I think this is where Flash Gordon reminds everyone why we all were waiting and hoping for him to come back.
  6. Got burned by Jones 2 weeks in a row...I truly thought his day was coming. Don't judge me on this next sentence, but I started him over DJ last week. DJ was facing MIN, AJ was facing a terrible(?) SF team and was GB favored by 9. Figured this was going to be a 4th quarter of the pack grinding it out. Whoops. Nice potential. Good stash. Easy to drop if something better comes along.
  7. I won't be a week late on AJ...I'll be a week early (since I started him last week). I'm sure the coaches and locker rooms are insulated from the "noise", but you know THEY know that the AJ train is gaining steam. Whether the kowtow to that pressure is what's debatable (and looking at MM's face I'm guessing they won't). If they were rolling, I would guess the argument would be there to "stay the course", but that is not the case.
  8. Completely fact, the way Free runs, this stat is shocking to me...and likely more to do with who ATL played when Free is out. Lies, damn lies and statistics... But I like seeing things like this for the sake of keeping it in the back of my mind.
  9. did you see the trade email in my league...that's crazy.
  10. Interesting stat I may post in the TC thread as well...we'll see I suppose. I haven't look to see if the quality of opp when hes' in vs out, but that seems curious.
  11. Well crap...maybe I should have gotten shares of LevBell...I just keep thinking about how bada$$ he is and wondering how they can keep him off the field. I just hope he hasn't burned any bridges with his team...that or he gets dealt to a playoff team w/ a good O-Line...ya hearing me Iggles?
  12. I'm making my play for Kamara now...I looked over the 2017 logs and AK, on the same team essentially, was over 19 ppg from week 4 on (.5 ppr). That puts you around RB5-7 in my league, but even If he had a 20% regressing in scoring (for the sake of argument, no real expectation for this to occur) to 15.5+/- ppg, he's still top 10. My point being, is even if AK see's a 20% drop in his PPG scoring from 2017, he's STILL one of the best money can buy. Use this if you're selling, and use this if you're buying.
  13. Yeah...after that first half, I was thinking he's gonna BLOW-UP in the 2nd half...but he freakin' disappeared...was nuts.
  14. For my 12 team, PPR I was able to deal Drake and Tyler Boyd for Le'Veon...I actually had a little sellers remorse, cuz I do believe this the type of performance that Drake needed to get his mojo back, and well, I believe in Boyd. I won't be shocked to see the scales tipping in favor of Drake again here soon...Those days of 3 carries are killers tho...
  15. If you have an open IR slot, and nothing better than a potential RB2 sittin' in it, why not grab D'Onta? Blue is a career 3.6 ypc guy, currently avg 3.3. The Texans have no love for Miller, so lets see what happens w/ Foreman. I'm on board.