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  1. I was always a big fan of "The Thread", so thank you again for that. I agree with Beckett, I'd take him late but he obviously won't be there. He's too sketchy. What about Maya do you like? What would be a surprise season though? Here are some guys that I think will provide solid return on investment (so...all +'s) Haren Peavy Zimmermann Hammel Haren should be a no-doubt fantasy #2, with a return to ace status possible...but he's getting drafted like a #3 or 4. Peavy will be overlooked. Looked like CRAP with the Sox, finally turns it around, and gets hurt (I traded for him an got 1/3 IP out of him...sweet) I'd take a flier, and you can stash him on the DL. Zimmermann...I like post TJ guys that already threw heat. I blame Josh Johnson for my love fest. Hammel...solid back of the rotation guy. If he pitches to his xFIP (3.80 or so), I think he provides great value. Obviously, my names aren't quite as deep as bog's, but they are what they are. I'll add some -'s later.