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  1. Barnes has obviously been a hot mess recently, and even when he was pitching well his usage by manager Alex Cora was not conducive to giving him save opportunities. Barnes was often brought in in the 7th or 8th to face opposing teams' best hitters instead of purely the 9th to close it out. The play on Crick would be if Vazquez gets traded by the Pirates, which has been rumored. The thing is, Pitt is still in contention and Vazquez is signed through like 2022 or 2023, meaning they will want a lot for him if they deal him at all. Any thoughts on sticking with Barnes v. taking the shot on Crick (who I think would be most likely to become the CL if Vazquez is dealt)?
  2. What's crazy about Bauer is that his BABIP is very low, but his walk rate and HR rate are much higher. the BABIP should come up a fair amount and his FIP supports him showing an even worse ERA... I'd try to trade for someone else. Please check out my post here:
  3. I like pitcherlist.com --> they have in-depth treatments of hitters, pitchers, prospects, etc. and update their ROS lists every week Please take a look at my post here:
  4. I have Wacha in a fairly deep 14-team league, but the guy is nowhere near last year's #s and his BABIP isnt even that high at .306. He's killing me. Thinking of dropping him, potentially to take a flyer on Chase Anderson to see if he continues to post strong peripherals. Is this short-sighted? Anyone see Wacha turning it around this season?
  5. Bumping up this guy as he's on a tear right now - since July 13th (admittedly an arbitrary start date), he's had a hit in every game, is batting 0.436 with 4 HRs, 5 BBs and 12 Ks (for a 20% k-rate, below his ~25% season rate). Fangraphs page here. Overall he's batting 0.288 / 0.355 / 0.519 / 0.874 with 17 HRs across 415 PAs as a 19 year old in High-A. His walk rate (8%) and k-rate (24.6%) are both materially improved over his 2017 #s. I've also read in a few different analyst chats that his defense has improved to the point where - while he will never be a gold-glover - he's likely to be able to stick at 3B. He's likely going to stay in High-A for all of 2018 and begin in AA in 2019. If he finishes with these same rate stats and his HRs continue at the same pace through the end of the season, he's likely to be in some Top 100s or at least very close. Either way he's fairly hyped as a helium guy and is making good across a large sample size, so for those in deeper leagues it's worth getting in early.
  6. In a fairly ironic twist of fate, he was pitching a decent, efficient game (5 IP, 2 ER, 1.00 WHIP, 2 Ks) and the rain came in...still one of his better outings but he had QS written all over this one!
  7. This is an overly optimistic opinion, but I think there's a chance the HR derby has the reverse effect on Bryce than what it traditionally does and sparks a second half surge (there's nowhere to go but up in terms of BA unless he descends into Dexter Fowler territory). A few days away from game pressure, the opportunity to mash many HRs in front of his home crowd, etc. He knows he's playing for a contract and I could see his second half being super productive. Sometimes players just need some kind of catalyst.
  8. Anyone know what's going to happen with the LAD rotation after the break? It seems that Buehler took Wood's spot tonight, but unclear if that's permanent or just because Buehler's timing lined up with Wood's spot in the rotation. After the break, it seems that Kershaw, Stripling, Maeda all have spots, and Buehler probably. That leaves Rich Hill and Wood (not even counting Ryu). Wood has been outperforming Hill, but it's not hard to see a world where LAD sticks with Hill or even Ryu gets the 5th spot. Roberts says they may go with a 6-man rotation for a couple of weeks after the break, but will Wood have a spot in the rotation come August / September?
  9. I sadly dont have the time or technical skills to do this, but it would be cool if someone built a website where prospect rankings were crowd-sourced. Something like you have to rank-order 25-30 prospects in order to see the compiled results.
  10. 2 for 4 last night with a double. How long until we can call him the Sheriff of Nottingham?
  11. Nottingham was called up today as Manny Pina went on the DL. Erik Kratz is starting at C today for the Crew, but I feel like this could be a good chance for Nottingham to show what he can do. Pina is 31 - not too old - but has a sub-.700 OPS and only 78 wRC. Kratz is 38 and is hitting about the same as Pina. I could see a world in which Nottingham comes in and hits and forces the Brewers into a tough decision.
  12. He’s fairly old for his level. Until he shows he can do this in AA I don’t think he will make any Top 100s, but could be a good guy to gamble on right now.
  13. Any chance we see them turn to Will Smith? He's been the only truly consistent / dominant reliever throughout the season
  14. He reminds me a bit of Freddy Peralta. It would be ridiculous to expect that Lopez has the same kind of immediate success that Peralta has had so far, but I think if he performs well he should be able to hold down a longer-term position in the rotation. With Caleb Smith out and the rest of the team sucking, a rotation spot is his to win. His initial foray into AAA was modest (3.38 ERA over 4 starts [one aborted after 1.2 scoreless IPs due to the call up] but a 5.40 FIP), but I followed some of his starts and he seemed to show good poise by pitching out of some jams and coming back out to pitch scoreless innings after a couple of ERs. My opinion: he's likely not worth owning in shallower mixed leagues for a variety of reasons, but in deeper leagues and / or dynasty leagues, he's worth taking a flier on to see if he becomes the next Freddy Peralta or Luis Castillo. Here's what Fangraphs wrote about him in March, when he was the Marlins' 18th ranked prospect (link here): Lopez missed 2014 due to a ligament tear that required Tommy John surgery, and then he struggled to miss bats in 2015 and 2016 while throwing a nearly elite level of strikes. His stuff is up. His fastball sat in the 92-96 range with life last year and touched 97. Lopez does it easy and commands his fastball, average breaking ball, and changeup. He’s gone from projecting as an up-and-down arm to a potential No. 4/5 starter in the last year. Lopez was acquired from Seattle as part of the David Phelps deal ahead of the 2017 trade deadline.
  15. Looks like he's coming up for a start this weekend against the Mets if anyone needs a starter...
  16. Looks like he was removed from the game after fouling a ball of his leg. "San Francisco Giants infielder Alen Hanson fouled a ball off his left knee in the first inning Wednesday and went down immediately in pain. He remained there for several minutes until trainers helped him off the field." http://www.sfexaminer.com/san-francisco-giants-alen-hanson-goes-lower-leg-injury/ Unclear how serious it is, but the linked article makes it sound like he could be out for a bit.
  17. As a Alonso owner in dynasty i want to see him as much as anyone else, but I dont think injuries will get him up this year. The Mets are currently using Bruce and Cespedes outages to try Smith in LF and Flores at IB. An additional injury to one of those two could lead to Alonso's call as an emergency backfill, but on the other end of the coin when either Bruce or Cespedes come back Smith and Flores will be used in a platoon at 1B. Absent a structural change to the Mets 25-man roster or extreme injuries, I don't think we'll see him this year. That being said, he should be in line for a September call-up and a hard look going into 2019.
  18. I'm starting him in a very deep 12-team NL-only. He's been pretty lights out in AAA since he got sent down. In my opinion, if he limits the walks he should get a QS or better, if not he's likely to get lit up. He's been limiting his walks so far in AAA during the interim, and the only things that would lead to that not continuing are (a) nerves or (b) better / more patient hitters. I'm betting on a good outing but whether or not you think he can maintain control should determine whether you start him or not.
  19. Anyone have any advice on whether or not to cut bait on Dexter Fowler in deep leagues? I'm in a 12-team NL-only, and if he was hitting something close to his prior 3 years he'd be a tremendously valuable asset with CF eligibility. Right now, he's a complete waste of a roster spot. His BABIP suggests that he's been unlucky and that some reversion to the mean is in store, but it seems he's lost his oppty for regular at bats with Harison Bader gaining favor with the Cards. I'm not really sure who I'd pick up, so it's more of an "in a vacuum" kind of question. I could likely easily find a reliever who could add current value to my team, the question is really around whether people think Fowler will come around.
  20. As a PH today he's 2/3 with 2 2Bs...replaced Longoria after he got HBP. He definitely deserves more regular ABs, but he's also playing himself into the pinch-hit extraordinaire role...hopefully he doesnt get typecast as that.
  21. ...and he just gave up a 3-run HR in the first...if only I had waited 15 minutes let's see how it plays out though...still worth monitoring considering the Marlins' current staff situation and his past performance
  22. Since the original post 10 days ago he's been promoted to AAA where he fired off 6 IP / 2 ER / 4K / 6H / 1BB / 3.00 ERA / 1.17 WHIP. Not a bad line for a 22 year old making his debut in AAA. While the AAA line was good (but not great), what excites me about him is that he has a lively fastball and is on the 40-man roster...all things that F@ndemonium mentioned. Taking a look at the Marlins' current MLB staff, there are a few guys on notice: - Straily - 4.08 ERA / 1.49 WHIP / 5.57 FIP - Chen - 6.12 ERA / 1.64 WHIP / 5.90 FIP - Urena - 4.59 ERA / 1.22 WHIP / 3.85 FIP - Smith - 3.70 ERA / 1.19 WHIP / 3.50 FIP - the veritable ace on the staff right now - Richards - 4.41 ERA / 1.38 WHIP / 4.51 FIP Wei-Yin Chen at age 32 seems like the odd man out here, and I could see world in which Lopez gets the call to see what he can do in the majors. The Marlins are clearly not competing for this year and have shown the willingness to aggressively promote their minor leaguers, so it could be worth while to stash him now. From Fangraphs (link here, this is prior to the 2018 season) Lopez missed 2014 due to a ligament tear that required Tommy John surgery, and then he struggled to miss bats in 2015 and 2016 while throwing a nearly elite level of strikes. His stuff is up. His fastball sat in the 92-96 range with life last year and touched 97. Lopez does it easy and commands his fastball, average breaking ball, and changeup. He’s gone from projecting as an up-and-down arm to a potential No. 4/5 starter in the last year. Lopez was acquired from Seattle as part of the David Phelps deal ahead of the 2017 trade deadline.
  23. I was pretty surprised by a number of names on their list, so I'd concur with this statement. The placement of Joey Wentz on the list is what stood out to me - I've been following him closely as I owned him in dynasty, but he hasnt pitched in over a month and had a mediocre season going at High-A before that...and now he's officially been declared out with an undisclosed injury. While Wentz was hot over the off-season, he has done nothing to stay in anyone's top 100 since and, in my opinion, midseason prospect lists should reflect that. When it comes to Hampson, I'm holding him and think he'll be super valuable in fantasy once he gets up to the bigs. The Rockies' middle infield has a bit of logjam, though, so I wouldnt hold my breath for him to make a meaningful fantasy contribution this year.
  24. Well...let's just say it was more of an Eric Lauer type first start as opposed to a Freddy Peralta type first start. He was pretty awful, and he actually had a fairly poor outing in his last AAA outing before getting the call, so I should've warned you all against starting him. I think he's pretty clearly destined to go back down at this point...probably worth seeing how he fares in a few more starts at AAA before making a call on him (he's only had 2 starts there so far). Hopefully he gets back to his historically dominant ways, and he's still very young, but his last two starts at AAA/MLB have me second-guessing his long-term value. Low-90s pitchers always scare me a bit - if they're control isn't on (as it wasnt for Ferguson when he HBP and BB the first 4 batters of the second) it can get messy. I'm going to see how he performs over the next ~5 starts and then make a call on whether he stays on my dynasty roster.
  25. He's been crushing since he's returned in a PH-only role, with a 2R HR just now. He's earning more playing time, and there should be opportunities to work him into the lineup more. That being said, he could get the dreaded "pinch hitter extraordinaire" label which would be a huge let down. SF has no investment in him and he's a FA after this year, so they have no embedded organizational loyalty to use him in any way that doesnt serve their own best interest. All he can do is make them feel that it's in their best interest to give him more ABs, and he's doing just that. Still only worth a look in the deepest of leagues, but for dynasty folks he's super interesting. He should be playing himself into a starting role somewhere next year, and he's only 25, has speed, power, and hit tool.