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  1. I'm rolling with Pascal. Over past five weeks, Bucs have been #1 in WR FPA while Chargers are #32. Chark has been struggling a bit (injuries?) and doesn't feel like the game he gets right. If I can get 10-12 PPR out of Pascal I will be satisfied, good luck!!
  2. Thanks for your response. I have the same decision, have you made up your mind? I tentatively have Pascal slotted and I'm still leaning that way.
  3. Snell and Washington, juicy matchup and I could see both finding the end zone good luck !!
  4. Tannehill by default. Not crazy about his matchup but Jets have been pretty tough on QBs of late, good luck !!
  5. Ryan, I don't trust Tannehill, good luck !!
  6. Lockett and Pascal my picks, good luck!!
  7. Even though weather looks lousy for Monday night gotta go Wentz. As mentioned above Ravens chew up and spit out QBs, good luck !!
  8. Feel like its more risky banking on Goedert with Ertz and Alshon lurking. Also poor weather conditions predicted Monday night so that could turn into a ground war.
  9. Gesicki in a better spot, good luck !!
  10. I actually like Alshon and Woods, OBJ is beefing with Baker and sounds like he's checking out on the Browns.
  11. Thanks for answering mine. Winston and Jeffrey, good luck !!