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  1. This is an awesome idea! I would love to play in a legue just like this. My local league discussed this years ago...never went anywhere with it though.
  2. I understand now the why for the first time. But playing in a 16 to 20 team (or more) mixed league does the same thing. After playing in an AL only league two years ago that became one first and last adventure into Onlyland. Too few owners to make trades with. Too few teams to play against. So I prefer a deeper mixed league myself because I like it harder to find the players and an interesting FA pool full of possibilities more than names. And plugged into all of baseball and not just half of it. So since you can get those same values in mixed leages, is it that Only league owners prefer fewer teams in a league? I could see it if a league was built just around some friends in real life. But if not, is there any reason then the one above to prefer it? In the old days when there was no inter-league play and less access to games from the "other" league in a person's viewing area and the net was still very young, It makes sense. But now everyone pretty much can see any player any time or at least do good research on them. Agree. but i think the assumption is that these are "hometown" leagues..where the owners are all at a live draft of some sort and it might be next to impossible to find more than 12 people who want to play fantasy baseball. I know this from the experience of my local league.
  3. The big problem is that injuries can be a HUGE factor in who wins the league. If your team has a star or two get hurt, or even solid contributors, forget about it, because the WW is filled with crap.
  4. The Angels suck. Why not start him..He'll get at least 2 k's from Trout and 2 more from Hamilton.
  5. 21st Century Breakdown - Green Day. Fantastic album...just great..