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  1. But if you can’t get Mitch rob and it’s harden alone...I would say no.
  2. who would you rather have for the rest of this season? 8 cat h2h.
  3. As a Knicks fan, he is my last hope. Frank and DSJ are just not good. I think Elfrid can actually play, if the stupid coach would give him a shot and stick with one rotation. Payton Barrett Randle M Robinson and...Portis? Trier? Knox? Not sure who the 5th starter should be. Maybe Frank N actually. But Payton is the PG.
  4. i like bryant. rozier kills fg% and has competition.
  5. 8 cat h2h. team in sig. Should i trade Holiday for Bam Adebayo?
  6. I still think Markkanen has to get better- he has too much talent. I would do it for Jokic.
  7. that is robbery- of course you do that.
  8. appreciate the help but the trade has changed. it is now Holiday for Bam straight up. now what do you think?
  9. if you have an IR spot this is an easy win for you.
  10. if you have waited this long for Ayton you should keep him. Lowry isn't playing now anyway.
  11. thats 2 safe 1st rounders for AD so yeah, I would take Butler/Jokic.
  12. I agree that's a bit too much to give up. \ Lillard plus Dragic sure. Prob Lillard plus Covington.
  13. Jrue is too good to give up for those guys.
  14. THJ has hot hot streaks like this before and then gone cold for months. Stick with Kennard.
  15. Rozier will have occasional big games but will destroy your FG%. I would rather have Fournier. He has been consistent for a few yrs now.