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  1. I say, given your roster, that if you’re comfortable with it, go for it.
  2. Wilson has a little talent, but in six seasons, his best stat line is 42-554-3. I’m not going to get too worried about that. LOOOOVE me some Preston.
  3. Well, again, referring back to my league: we get eight keepers free and clear. You can keep more by giving back draft picks starting with your first available. But that’s not what’s really going on in this situation. I think if someone is keeping below the ‘minimum’ number of keepers then that’s on them. Therefore, they should not get the two additional picks until AFTER the draft.
  4. I’d replace the owners. But I also think locking keepers in mid-May is too early. Most people aren’t giving football a thought right now, even in a non-Covid world. My league is super-engaged, and we don’t even lock keepers until the first week of preseason.
  5. My fantasy football league has done this for the past decade. It’s a little weird at first, but becomes second nature pretty quick. We did it because it just always seemed like the second highest scoring team of the week was playing the top team and losing, and the 2nd to lowest scoring team was playing the lowest scoring and winning. “Double headers” helped normalize things a little. Our website supports multiple opponents, so it wasn’t hard to implement at all.
  6. Me as well. I do agree that Chubb's situation is lees than ideal, though. Return the favor?
  7. Looking at your WR depth I wouldn't opposed to shopping one of your three starters to buy an upgrade elsewhere, if the right deal presented itself. Boyd is a solid replacement, and I love Preston Williams potential if he comes back from the knee okay. Return the favor?
  8. I would also lean toward Sanders with the round value. But your point is valid. Return the favor?
  9. First-- a dynasty league keeps pretty much everyone, only cutting to make room for rookies. So you are not in a dynasty, you are in a keeper. And not a particularly deep one either if you have to choose between Mahomes and Godwin. Second-- I wouldn't generally keep a QB in a shallow keeper. But in this instance, I'd rather have Mahomes than Godwin. Return the favor?
  10. You should not. Return the favor?
  11. The seven pretty clear favorites are Murray, Barkley, Mostert, Woods, Brown, Metcalf and Engram. I'll consider them locked in at this point!
  12. I agree. If it’s so hard getting decent deals, maybe you’d just better wait it out. Pre-season performances, or injuries, could really change the prices of players down the road. Thanks for mine!
  13. It's a one QB league, so I'm not keeping two. I'll use that spot elsewhere.
  14. I think I'd pass. Even in superflex, I think the difference between Cook and whoever you're replacing him with in your lineup is probably more of an issue than the difference between Watson and your alternative there. I'd rather try to make hay with a second string QB than a third string RB. Return the favor?