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  1. This is my roster: QB- Rodgers, Murray, Lock RB- Barkley, Guice, Kerryon, Mostert, Hill WR- Woods, Boyd, Metcalf, MrqBrown, Gordon TE- Cook D- Patriots IR- Engram, PrWilliams Dumb#ss- ABrown I'm already without a first round and second round pick. Hypothetically, if I kept Murray, Barkley, Kerryon, Mostert, Guice, Woods, Metcalf, Engram, Williams (and let's say for the sake of argument AB), I'd have ten. So my free eight, then I'd lose my 3rd and 4th (since I don't have a 1st or 2nd). If I added Rodgers to that, it'd cost my 5th. And that's not factoring in if Brown or Boyd are keepers. I almost feel I have to keep all four backs because all useful ones will be kept and I won't be in a position to nab a rookie in the draft.
  2. I think I’d go with Golladay and Sutton. Return the favor?
  3. Agreed. I would rank the top three as Kelce, Kittle and Hopkins or Henry, but would prefer to move one of the TEs for an upgrade elsewhere. Return the favor?
  4. I agree with Kittle and Jacobs. I like Brown, but not enough to keep him over Jacobs - even with the value. Return the favor?
  5. 12 team PPR, deep keeper. You keep 8 minimum — more if you give back picks, starting with your first. I have no first or second round picks, two in the third. Probably 120-ish players will be kept. I specifically traded for Murray as heir apparent to Rodgers. Now I’m wondering if Rodgers is even worth keeping. Several seasons in a row of below (his) standard production and a clear trend toward being a game manager aren’t very reassuring. I’ll try to trade Rodgers, though he was on the block for half the season and I didn’t even get a whiff of interest. But if no one bites, can I roll the dice with Murray for next year and let Rodgers go and save a draft pick? Leave your link!
  6. I guess it depends on format. In PPR, it's his third in five.
  7. Don't you love when you score your league's season-high in points during championship week..... .....the week after you were eliminated by scoring the league's season-low in points? God, I love fantasy football.
  8. Didn't help me much this year, but I'm hopeful for the long-term in my deep keeper: Week 3, I gave McLaurin and Mostert for Kyler Murray and Tyler Boyd. On top of that, I got Mostert back from free agency two weeks ago. Being Rodgers barely cracked the top-10 this year (even though it WAS his best season in three years) and he seems to be transitioning to being a game manager, seemed prudent to get an heir apparent. Just hoping Murray ends up being that. Boyd and Mostert are just gravy if they become keepers.
  9. [...] Can’t even get that excited from a keeper point of view since it was an Eli game (he might be washed up, but he’s still good for Saquon). Next year it’s back to Jones and his total incompatibility with SB. 🙄
  10. This is how I’d rank them. Thanks for mine!
  11. Sorry for the late response. Bell would have been my first choice, with Brown as second choice. Thanks for mine!