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  1. I get the same problems practically every time I try to watch. I don't have the greatest connection but I have very few problems watching Netflix as well as the majority of my streaming apps. I don't even try the 4 way split screen anymore, guaranteed bugginess. These commericals are killing me. They make it so you can't rewind and have to switch to another game if you want to switch away from the commercial. They even have certain commercials whose sound goes on in the small PIP window even if you are watching the main screen, so you have the added annoyance of 2 sound streams at once. I NEVER see any lag, glitch or what not when these commercials are on. $129 to have these constant commercials is ridic and I probably would not have purchased this if I had known it had these.
  2. Got it Monday, tried it on the PS3 but was skipping a bit and disconnecting. Very disappointed by the Android app... for one, it pauses indefinitely on commercials, you have to manually FF or rewind or use the slider, very annoying. Second, I got a VPN and it doesn't work on Android AFAIK. The Android app insists you turn on the google location services to use it, so I get blacked out and can't watch my home team at work. Gonna try calling them and asking for discount or threaten cancellation.
  3. Anybody notice any trends while doing their cheatsheets or mock drafts so far? For AL-only, OF is pretty thin. After the first 5 or 6 picks - 5 and 6 being Rios and Choo - there's lots of question marks such as Cespedes, Myers, etc. If you have 4 OF in your league as mine does then even with only 6 teams ppl are gonna be over drafting the Bourns and Aokis a few rounds before the end of the draft. Gonna try to stock up on elite OFs as early as possible, which might mean drafting Ellsbury before EE and Davis and Joey bats before Longo. In NL-only, OF runs out of quality after the first 22 OF or so but it's much deeper, Heyward and Marte are your 10th-12th picks. Having done AL and NL-only for the last decade, I've noticed that even though the AL is known as the offense-heavy league, the NL usually has more star hitters, and most of the times it isn't even close. I remember about 10 years ago drafting Utley in the 17th round of an NL-only. Yes it was a small league and it was right before he became a star but this was a young 2b who just hit 16 HRs or so in 300 or so ABs. For AL-only can't remember who was the equivalent but it was probably someone like Adam Kennedy.
  4. If you're old enough to where you've been playing fantasy pre internet, you probably have the patience to do a lot of things. Spending an extra 10 bucks to have the exact rules you want on a very obscure website is still way more convenient than counting things on paper. My home leagues would never be down for such a switch. Sites like ESPN and yahoo have just much nicer interfaces, easier to use, and you're already on the site for other reasons (esp with espn). I do think both ESPN and Yahoo could be a lot better if they had better customization. It'll slowly happen. Exactly. My first league was right at the start of the internet when you had to pay per minute/hour (can't remember which) just for dial-up access. So me and the co-commish would compile our league statistics by adding and subtracting from consecutive editions of hard copy editions of USA Today's Baseball Weekly. We'd then mail the floppy disks to each other weekly because it took so long to do. Mail as in actual snail mail. That being said, it always maddened me when my leaguemates insisted on paying $125 to Yahoo when the only changes they would add every few years would be bells and whistles like their medal system, that even my 9 year old nephew would find insipid. It didn't bother me at all, though, paying the same fee to commissioner.com in the late 90s. Everything about it even back then blows away Yahoo NOW with the exception of live scoring.
  5. I understand now the why for the first time. But playing in a 16 to 20 team (or more) mixed league does the same thing. After playing in an AL only league two years ago that became one first and last adventure into Onlyland. Too few owners to make trades with. Too few teams to play against. So I prefer a deeper mixed league myself because I like it harder to find the players and an interesting FA pool full of possibilities more than names. And plugged into all of baseball and not just half of it. So since you can get those same values in mixed leages, is it that Only league owners prefer fewer teams in a league? I could see it if a league was built just around some friends in real life. But if not, is there any reason then the one above to prefer it? In the old days when there was no inter-league play and less access to games from the "other" league in a person's viewing area and the net was still very young, It makes sense. But now everyone pretty much can see any player any time or at least do good research on them. Also what Bud said about trades to another league. That must be horrible for the owner of a Fister or Trumbo (or an actual consistent hitter, just grabbing a guy on the fly). Plus in season trades would be really rough. That is true about less ppl to trade with. Also, although it is always competitive in the end it seems, one person seems to run away with first place for the majority of the season more often than in mixed, it seems. While I miss getting access to all the players in the draft, the one benefit in a draft is you don't have to wait 10-12 picks for your next pick, I don't miss that part when I do one league only. What was said by Mith is kind of true though, although in a 12-16 team league you're going to have more scrubs and mediocre players so you're superstar player is pretty important, too. But one league only does have its drawbacks in the draft, particularly in the first round. Last year in the AL I ended up picking #4 and after Trout, Miggy and Cano came off the board, the next 3 guys were Pujols, Fielder and Verlander. Huge difference picking 4th than the first 3. Tbh I can't remember who was the first pick last year in NL but I was 3rd I think and chose Kemp, I'm sure whoever was 1st was significantly better than Kemp.
  6. Smaller leagues, I used to be part of 2 larger leagues which were always mixed but my league is 7-8 and less now, so we aim for mixed if we get 10-12 members but will do Al or NL only if we can't. It is more challenging and even with interleague everyday there is still a difference between leagues and so this is somewhat reflected (although pitching has improved dramatically in the AL from a decade ago). And it is more fun if you're a member of one league only as you have 2 leagues, 2 drafts and if you're eliminated in one early there's still another league, The biggest drawback is a player in real life getting traded from one league to another. Although you can sort of predict which guys might be on the block it's pretty much luck, and akin to a freak, season-ending injury. It's kind of like the rule that if a player is traded in his walk year that teams can't get a draft pick for him, totally random.
  7. And if he can't be effective tonight? What does that mean? Eh, why bother, he's not going to respond except "guys guys...whoa, hold on, he got unlucky. This was the second time he's faced the Angels in a week, yadda yadda". Yes, he'll actually say "yadda yadda". It's just the reality of Straily. He isn't as good as he looked the last couple of starts and he isn't as bad as he looked here. He's just susceptible to these types of outings. He has the ability/acumen to be a good pitcher but just doesn't posses the stuff to mitigate when it isn't going well, etc etc. I personally don't roster him because I have zero clue what you'll get from start to start, and I don't like that feeling. Agreed, he's a solid 4th or 5th MLB SP type and on your roster he should, on most teams, be the last SP and the first one you should drop if a hot SP prospect get called up. He's unowned in my not deep but not too shallow AL-only league. 2012 was a great story but it has to be concerning that he wasn't even one of the top 30 prospects in the Oaklaand A's system prior to that season. I'm going to stay away from him for now, those two starts against TOR as well as @CIN and @ BAL are matchups that aren't friendly to a flyball pitcher like him.
  8. All true. Streaming is really hard to do correctly, if there's even a correct way of doing it, and more often than not you get burnt. Which is why when I pick up a starter for the most part he starts, save if he's doing poorly and will pitch in Fenway or Rangers Ballpark and those teams are hitting well. But with Straily what I like less than the teams and matchups are that he's going to face teams that he just faced a few days ago... twice. In particular that second start @TOR, if I owned I would probably bench unless he was lights out in his first start. Also, Straily is, I believe, an extreme flyball pitcher (I'm sure I'll be quickly corrected if I'm wrong) and those starts in @CIN, @BAL and @TOR would have have me nervous about running him out there.
  9. His upcoming schedule isn't isn't great. LAA, TOR, @CIN then @TOR, CLE, @BAL. An offense he just faced 4 days ago plus two offenses capable of playing pinball with any given pitcher and 2 solid offenses. If he started next series he would've faced HOU twice plus SEA. Thanks Melvin. However, he's been pitching so well and is probably better than anyone on most waiver wires or even most teams' worst SP, and pitches in one of the best pitcher's parks. My worst pitcher is W. Chen and if everything was equal would choose Straily but Chen has a cake schedule. Still, my finger is on the trigger, even in a redraft league. Straily's recent performance and potential are hard to ignore.
  10. This is just a gut feeling, but I think if he pitches really well tomorrow the As are gonna find room for him in the rotation somehow, whether it be placing Anderson on the DL or demoting Parker or Griffin. Having 3 starters who have a not insubstantial chance of being hammered is just too taxing on the bullpen, not to mention the manager's nerves.