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  1. I like where your head is at. Mike Williams has an awesome matchup and would be my choice here as well
  2. Fournette and Lamb. The latter has a pretty excellent matchup
  3. Man, tough call. I'd lean Cooper as a slightly safer option
  4. Throw Hill in at TE for sure. Then put Duke in flex for a safe floor
  5. Yeah I'm also leaning Harris. I think he'll have a really solid game
  6. I would go with Burrow. No Mixon and a great connection with Higgins.
  7. Oh man... Hill, Higgins, and Jefferson but making that decision hurt my brain. I'm in a similar spot
  8. You're definitely not wrong about the safer floor and if that's the way you want to go I would rank them Gio, Ahmed, Duke. That said, I would still start Brown over them even with the tough matchup because of the blowup potential
  9. Does Latimore being out do anything for Ridley's benefit today? I know Lattimore typically shadows Jones
  10. I have a similar predicament. I think I'm leaning Sanders because of the PPR aspect but it's damn close
  11. Diontae Johnson by a landslide. If he stays healthy during the game he'll feast
  12. PPR league and I have a number of good options and need to decide which player sits on the bench this week. Which TWO players ride the pine of the following options: Diontae Johnson @ JAX Antonio Gibson vs CIN James Robinson vs PIT Calvin Ridley @ NO CEH @ LV Josh Jacobs vs KC Miles Sanders @ CLE I'm leaning toward benching CEH and James Robinson, but the latter gives me pause