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  1. It's between Gibson and Wilson for me and I lean Gibson despite the injury. Great matchup and sounds like he will play since he practiced all week I have a similar conundrum with Gibson
  2. PPR league; do I start AB vs Detroit today or wait and see on Keenan Allen or Antonio Gibson tomorrow? I'm currently favored by about 10 points.
  3. Athletic reporter for the Chargers: https://twitter.com/danielrpopper/status/1339720934198890501?s=20
  4. PPR league.... Who's the best play Diontae Johnson or Josh Jacobs? If it matters I'm slightly favored in my matchup, but am risking it with Keenan
  5. Thanks for the assist! In your case I think I'd still go with Allen assuming he's active. If Allen sits then I think your pivot would be Bowden
  6. I am tilting on Keenan Allen and nervous to throw him in my lineup even if he does play. Should I start Diontae Johnson over Keenan Allen in PPR regardless of Allen playing? I could also go with Antonio Brown. So Allen, Johnson or Brown in a PPR? Leave a link!
  7. Have to agree, I'd play everyone except Drake
  8. You have to go with Robinson and then I'd probably go with Jacobs as well
  9. 10 team PPR league; I need to start two of the following: Josh Jacobs vs LAC Miles Sanders @ ARI Diontae Johnson @ CIN Right now I'm leaning towards Jacobs and DJ, but trust is an issue with all three of these guys. Can't afford a dud as the team I'm playing is an absolute buzzsaw. Thanks and leave a link!
  10. I like where your head is at. Mike Williams has an awesome matchup and would be my choice here as well
  11. Fournette and Lamb. The latter has a pretty excellent matchup https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/831338-who-to-bench-whir/
  12. Man, tough call. I'd lean Cooper as a slightly safer option
  13. Throw Hill in at TE for sure. Then put Duke in flex for a safe floor
  14. Yeah I'm also leaning Harris. I think he'll have a really solid game
  15. I would go with Burrow. No Mixon and a great connection with Higgins.
  16. Oh man... Hill, Higgins, and Jefferson but making that decision hurt my brain. I'm in a similar spot
  17. You're definitely not wrong about the safer floor and if that's the way you want to go I would rank them Gio, Ahmed, Duke. That said, I would still start Brown over them even with the tough matchup because of the blowup potential
  18. Does Latimore being out do anything for Ridley's benefit today? I know Lattimore typically shadows Jones
  19. I have a similar predicament. I think I'm leaning Sanders because of the PPR aspect but it's damn close
  20. Diontae Johnson by a landslide. If he stays healthy during the game he'll feast
  21. PPR league and I have a number of good options and need to decide which player sits on the bench this week. Which TWO players ride the pine of the following options: Diontae Johnson @ JAX Antonio Gibson vs CIN James Robinson vs PIT Calvin Ridley @ NO CEH @ LV Josh Jacobs vs KC Miles Sanders @ CLE I'm leaning toward benching CEH and James Robinson, but the latter gives me pause
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