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  1. You can see the dirt spray from the opposite angle. How on earth was his foot not down?
  2. Hes getting a ton of looks in the end zone. If this game is any indication hes gonna have a massive year.
  3. You're a little worked up man you should take a quick walk or something.
  4. How quickly this thread has just turned into a bunch of what I assume to be adults crying. This topic is so tired, and you all need to get over it. There are threads dedicated to this dumb discussion.
  5. Honestly keep it to yourself. Just talk about this game, nobody cares we're here for the fantasy points.
  6. Remember the less salt in your diet the better. You have it backwards.
  7. Yikes what a joker.. He isnt even a must start on the road. This is looking like a bust of a pick, hes in the worst case fantasy scenario. The kind of guy that burns a roster spot all year long but torches you when you trust him. Then if you drop him he might have a 2018 second half, but probably not if you keep him. Nightmare of a pick.
  8. Waivers? Are you guys serious or trolling, honest question? Even with his struggles he's ranked 66th in my league and the 21st ranked pitcher, I drafted him 57th overall in that league, ouch. I mean he hasn't been the ace we had at the beginning but suggesting waivers just shows your bias and dislike for the dude for what it is. In no league, no matter how shallow, is Bauer WW fodder. Are you guys dropping guys like Thor too? Or Nola? Cause I've saved a #1 waiver priority in a couple leagues dreaming of someone making a mistake like that. No one ever seems too though, I'm never that lucky, but there's always talk on forums for some reason.
  9. So this guy is a budding ace now?
  10. Wow we could be looking at a legit ace breakout here. Hes a monster. Makes the David Price trade from the Jays look bad, especially if Norris ever figures it out.
  11. Guy in my league has those 2 as well and its a 12 teamer. He has a sick team.
  12. Eickhoff just dealing so far. Curveball is just money.