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  1. RGIII hurt. NFL has suspended the remainder of the game until later in the week.
  2. Maybe they should postpone the game to later in the week.
  3. Tuesday night: Game can't be played because of the danger caused by the Ravens uncontrolled COVID outbreak. Wednesday afternoon: COVID danger miraculously evaporates. Everything good. GMAFB
  4. Bucs before Antonio Brown: 6-2 Bucs after Antonio Brown: 1-3 Ball cancer.
  5. The difference is that one team got the hammer dropped on them, forcing what was essentially a forfeit, while the other team has been coddled and catered to so that they have at least a shot at being competitive. If the Ravens could be postponed three times and pushed out to Wednesday so that they could get some players back and practice, please explain why the league couldn't do the same for the Broncos.
  6. Ravens: "We're not playing Tuesday. f--- that." Goodell: "What if we give you yet another day so you can practice and get half your players back?" Ravens: "Sounds good." Broncos: 😕
  7. I wouldn't let Roger Goodell run my fantasy league.
  8. League desperately working to get Lamar into this game. Word is they are just repeatedly testing him until they land on a false negative.
  9. League forced the Broncos to play without a quarterback, but they want to make sure the Ravens get some practice time in. Wow.
  10. "Later this week?" How the f--- is that gonna work?
  11. There's definitely time, but the league is refusing to do it.
  12. Considering the fact that every Raven is already positive, the chances of a new positive test are very low.
  13. If it were going to be canceled, it would have been canceled.