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  1. Still starting Minshew with confidence in my SuperFlex league
  2. I think TNF games hurt defenders more than offenses. Both Joe Burrow and Baker Mayfield looked good last week. I'm rolling Minshew out there in my SuperFlex league, interestingly enough, over Herbert.
  3. Yeah, I just have no choice but to start him. My WRs are Michael Thomas, Allen Robinson, Hollywood, Will Fuller, Marvin Jones. So if Thomas doesn't play, he's my next best option. I'm an Andrews owner as well in that league, so hopefully one has at least a decent game and the other has a really good game. Chiefs have given up a lot of yards to Will Fuller and Keen Allen at least, so hoping for the same here.
  4. I'm afraid that'll just be for this week though, and not moving forward. Talked to a couple physicians and they told me if his lung puncture was minor (as it appears to be), he could healthy enough to play Week 4.
  5. Thoughts on the matchup on MNF against KC? Probably have no choice but to start him, unless Michael Thomas heals super quickly. Any words of encouragement for why he could do well this game?
  6. Pick him up in my 12-team superflex redraft league the other day. I'm a Tyrod owner as well as my 3rd QB, but I wish they'd just name Herbert the starter so i can drop Tyrod. I own Ekeler in that league as well, and we both know Herbert is better for Ekeler's value.
  7. Minshew and Chark are gonna rake this game. Drafted them as a stack in my superflex league, but ended up trading Chark in a deal for Kareem Hunt. Still think Chark will rake this game and the rest of the year. And him along with a pretty decent WR corps in JAX is gonna propel Minshew to new heights.
  8. I’m not worried at all. Not all high ankle sprains are the same in severity people! His is very mild. Moreover, you should keep him because of the production you can get from him when it matters most. People sold Saquon last year too, and guess what, he tore it up in the fantasy playoffs.
  9. Here's some actual news... Source: https://www.jaguars.com/news/wednesday-update-lambo-on-injured-reserve
  10. Chark wasn't a DNP today, Was he? I thought he was limited today too. Where was it reported that he was a DNP today? If people claim that in the thread, they ought to provide a link or a tweet.
  11. I'd bet on him staring either this week or latest, next week. If the Schefter report of him feeling"fantastic" last week was true, then perhaps they held him out as a precaution. I think its conceivable he plays this week, we'll see. But I'd be really surprised if he doesn't play next wekk.
  12. What kind of usage should we expect against Washington? I think it'll be a close game, WSH has a good D-Line.. makes me a *little* worried about Hunt's usage this week. What do you guys think?
  13. Not the right thread for this, but I'd take that deal. With as inefficient as Kelley has been, I just think eventually we will see his touch share drop. Brown has really high potential, leads the team in targets, air yards... yeah I take the deal, you have enough RB depth.