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  1. He was horrible in the second half last year, people just seemed to ignore it because they made the super bowl. Honestly, I think if they actually get an O-line Goff will be a nice sleeper, but they've gouged their team so bad with no picks/money, it's not even something they can do now.
  2. No one knows this, not even the coaches
  3. It's all good, I play in both small and large leagues and think the quality of the owners is more relevant than the depth of the league, the majority of noobs just tend to be in smaller leagues, so they have a softer rep. I'm not saying anything about hanging up towels or not 'navigating through' injuries. You can do all that and still have 2 significant players completely submarine you in a larger league, no matter how prepped you are. At a certain point, you have a much better chance to navigate through a competitive ten team league that faces controversy than a larger league. In your eyes that makes larger leagues more skill based, but in my eyes it shows the exact opposite. When everyone has the ability to not be crippled by only a few major injuries or underperformers, they have a higher likelihood to depend on their skill.
  4. They're already saying he'll resume throwing in the spring. The injury was nowhere near as impactful as Bo.
  5. You can say that and not be wrong, but the teams you're going against also have a higher talent level and the same luxury to pick up those players, so the skill in matchups and looking ahead applies there also. Just because you can pick up a higher or lower quality player off the wire has nothing to do with relative competition.
  6. I'd be curious if fantasy football players with good results would fare as well in fantasy baseball. I think the patience and mathematical decision making there is much more indicative of skill in fantasy football with 16/17 games and really simple decision making for the most part.
  7. See, I think the opposite. I fee like luck is a bigger factor in my 14/18 team leagues than the 10 team leagues. SKILL of the players may be higher, but injuries won't decimate you in a 10 team league like deeper league. At a certain point in a deep league, your skill just flat out doesn't matter, the wire and lack of trade assets won't allow you to take advantage of it. Drafting and injury luck ends up much more important in the deeper leagues I've been in.
  8. If it was a death in the family or something of that nature I think we would have known by now. There must be a larger issue at play. At this point I'm assuming we won't have him for a while.
  9. I'm not sure where you're getting the 4-5 as a minimum from. 4 has been his max all year. Edit: Sorry I misread, you referred to the carries. I'm starting him in some places but certainly considering sitting him where I can. But Green Bay should be a solid spot in theory.
  10. If he's in a PPR league, 5 'touches' for DK is better than 10 touches and 40 yards from Tevin. Doesn't seem like a crazy move the way Tevin has been producing.
  11. It should be another "wait and see" game unless you're desperate. If he blows up you can start playing him, if he goes for 3 catches on 2 targets, it's likely that he can be dropped without much regret IMO. If Locket is out, all those things change, but it sounds like that won't be a factor.
  12. It's either him or Crowder for me. I'll take Hilton's ceiling over Crowder's floor. But may waffle depending on beat reporters commentary tmrw......
  13. Yeah, it's not a glitch. There is just a small space of time where all the non-claimed players are available while the claimed players are processing. But it shouldn't be two hours apart. That part doesn't sound accurate, and this is coming from someone that wakes up very early to take advantage of grabbing FAs before anyone else.