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  1. Take trade in B league
  2. I think Blake Snell should play it safe and take the year off. Sign Brendon McKay
  3. Didn’t see that one, did watch the Chris Benoit one though.
  4. Ok this has gone on long enough, Urban 2014 is obviously mentally handicapped or has suffered a stroke in the last few days, it’s not his fault.
  5. Yes, I started a topic for universal DH and the modes stuck it into rules change.
  6. Thought I would start this to discuss players who get a big boost if [the universal DH] happens. Some names like Braun, Aquino, Cespedes to name a few. Who else you like?
  7. Nevermind, decided not to do trade
  8. H2H, My SPs are L Castillo, Madbum, M Minor, A Heaney, M. Stroman, C Martinez, J James, D May. My RPs are Jansen, Colome, Kela, Oberg, Kintzler. I have no bench bats. I could just add a bench bat like McCutchen, S Castro, M Yastrzemski to name a few.
  9. I give K Jansen and M Bumgarner for K Schwarber , J Upton, and W Davis. I would have to drop B Kintzler since it’s 3 for 2. I would probably then drop Davis after trade is complete for another SP or a RP. Thoughts, WHIR
  10. Dynasty try to get Pearson as well, you’ll probably have to add another player though
  11. I would definitely take Luzardo, but not Ray, can you get a good closer instead? You could use a top tier closer, gl
  12. Yeah I know, was just trying to get a gauge of talent, need not taken into consideration. My league details are in signature. I have been offered this trade with me giving Bumgarner instead of Heaney, not sure I want to do that even with Madbum moving to AZ, thanks
  13. A Heaney and K Jansen for J Odorizzi and K Schwarber, which 2 do you prefer? WHIR
  14. Astros will be seeing a lot more high and tight fast balls then they ever hoped for 😉