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  1. Getting warmer with HRs in 2 of the past 3 games!
  2. Mark Vientos has the potential to shoot up lists with a good showing this year
  3. I put up 165 non-PPR points with: D. Watson A. Brown JuJu CMC D. Henry J. Samuels Damien Williams J. Tucker Tennessee
  4. Please pick one of the following scrubs for my flex spot and leave a link: Doug Martin Damien Williams Derick Henry Calvin Ridley
  5. I’m going JuJu here. Good matchup and better offense imo.
  6. Royce Feeman Jordan Howard James Connor I have David Johnson as my #1 and grabbed Connor super late. Leave a link
  7. I follow MILB closer than MLB because of my dynasty league settings and I've liked Bauers for a while now (more than I liked Yelich as a prospect). Bauers never had much hype because of his perceived lack of power, but I think he's putting that criticism to rest for good. I wouldn't be surprised if he continues to outperform expectations.
  8. I can't access twitter at work, but this article is based on Jon Heyman's tweets yesterday:
  9. Latest rumor said Nats willing to trade him for Realmuto, but Marlins also want Kieboom. Insanity on both sides.
  10. The Twins made a great pick with this guy. They went against the popular opinion (Greene) and got a guy who saved them money and is probably the better prospect. All around solid tools and fantastic makeup.
  11. I bet he meant to type walk %. That would make a bit more sense.
  12. Why is this a discussion? Wentz shredded the Rams D (before they shredded his ACL anyway) and Russell just put up 22pts vs the Jags. If you sit him, you deserve to lose.
  13. Do you roll with the Antonio Brown / Martavis Bryant pair or Marquis Lee? Leave a link.
  14. Do you roll with the Antonio Brown / Martavis Bryant pair or Marquis Lee? Leave a link.
  15. I need Russel Wilson to beat Doug Baldwin by 4.8 Damn you, Jake Elliot