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  1. He’s un-rosterable in weekly leagues. He’s a Sunday pitcher where normally you’d like to have two-start pitchers. As a hitter he misses multiple games a week.
  2. I would play both if I had them. Vikes should get up big. Cook will have the first half, Mattison the 2nd. Zimmer likes to pound the rock at home.
  3. Crazy what a difference a week makes. Last week Carson was a way better draft pick. Now this week Johnson’s value is on the rise while Carson got outplayed by his backup.
  4. It was a 30+ yard td. Who cares if they froze. He put on the jets and wasn’t caught either. Nobody is excusing Derek Henry’s 70 yard TD as luck. If you get enough touches s--- happens.
  5. Only thing that irritates me is it seems he isn’t taking advantage of the juiced ball era. 13 homeruns is pretty light.
  6. Most underrated all-star in baseball?
  7. You have to go Arian. Gurley is just a rookie and CJ will never be good.
  8. Michel hasn’t been a factor in weeks. Not sure why you’d choose him over McGuire.
  9. Yeah just watching him laugh makes me think he’s just taking a breather. Likely something he’s been dealing with since mid season.
  10. When your option is Sony Michel who might get 15 non goal line or catchless touches you make bad decisions.
  11. I feel like I have to start him over Michel in PPR. Floor and average are higher. My one regret will be if Michel throws up a 3 tds and 100.
  12. This could go either way. When Sony got hurt they brought in Patterson and it worked. I think they liked what they saw so they tried it again. The next time Patterson made a bad mistake and was lucky not to fumble. So they brought Sony back in. Hopefully they stick with Sony knowing he’s going to protect the ball better. Cordelle’s past suggests he’ll risk it to biscuit. Not something I think the Pats are fans of.
  13. I don’t care how the points come. You’re starting both every week so it isn’t like the points are lost. Boom/bust guys are great if your team is already solid.