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  1. Yates reportedly with general body aches. Could pitch tomorrow.. Manager Jayce Tingler said after Monday's game that Yates has "soreness in his body," AJ Cassavell of reports. However, Tingler said there's still a "great chance [Yates]'ll be in there" for the next save opportunity.
  2. And its Altavilla in Seattle for the 9th and the save opportunity
  3. Yeah each platform has their pluses and minuses. We've been happy with ESPN. We have a great group of guys and its been amazing competition with really knowledgeable baseball fanatics. Came down to the final game for top 3. Thanks for the interest. Lmk if you want more info.
  4. Hey guys, League in its 8th year and all managers with 10+ years fantasy baseball experience and multiple championships. We lost a couple managers to tend to their budding families, weddings, and the like so we have to fill some vacancy. We want to keep competitive level so it is paramount that people are in it for the long haul and LOVE trades/active WW. This league is EXTREMELY active! Do not inquire if u are veto happy or like a draft and done style. We use FAAB for managing FA and trades are rampant. Last year the race came down to the last few games and multiple teams were in striking distance of top 3. Buy in is $100, leaguesafe managed. Settings are below. PM or respond with your interest and qualifications. Only need 1 maybe 2 spots. Thank you. ESPN 14 teams, Roto 5x5 QS OBP Redraft C, 1b, 2b, 3b, ss, CI, MI, 4OF, 1 UT 9 P 6 Bench 2 DL Snake draft, date TBD once all managers locked in and we run poll for best league fit. Daily moves FAAB waivers M, W, SAT 11am Trading is common and encouraged. Veto only for obvious collusion which has not been an issue. if you are veto happy or dislike trades , then this league is not for you. We had candid forum discussions last year on posted trades but 0 vetos out of tons of completed trades. Finally, We have fun and everyone is a fanatic baseball fan. We'd love to have you. PM or reply
  5. There is no way Henry is back playing football in 4-6 weeks with the injury they are saying he has. Typically people are non weight bearing for that long or longer depending on severity. I’d be shocked if he is back this season. Source MD degree
  6. Wade Davis just got shredded again. Hold on to Oberg tight.
  7. What is playing time going to be like? Is he worth FAAB or just up until turner returns.
  8. Givens locks down his first save. Top 30 closer ROS?
  9. Bought low and started him. He’s gonna be fine.
  10. So i loveladies as much as the next guy but all this fanfare over lovelady seems eerily similar to the brief parade that quickly went by for Zimmer.