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  1. Howard has a shoulder injury that has been limiting him all week. Wonder if he's gonna be able to go on Sunday.
  2. Shhhhhhh!!!! It's totally LEGIT!!! lol
  3. Now that you mention it, the Steeler could use "Fast Willie Parker" right about now! Memories, I tell ya!
  4. Warm up the buses BABEEEEEEEE!!!!!
  5. I would be receiving the following: (Standard Scoring League) Todd Gurley Evan Engram Latavious Murray FOR Melvin Gurley Stephon Diggs Dawson Knox Thanks!!!
  6. I would not do this trade. I feel like he's being a bit greedy. Did he propose this trade to you or vice-versa? What position do you feel is your weakest? RB or WR? I feel like you have a good RB stable and i don't trust Seattle w/ their RB's.
  7. This is a standard-scoring league. Few things to keep in mind, I have Pat Mahomes as my qb, and also already own Tyreek Hill, and I also own Thielen. I'm kinda hoping Diggs will get traded since the Vikings don't want to throw the ball with Zimmer this season. Thoughts??
  8. I have been trying to land Tyreek all season to match with Mahomes who is my qb. I also have Demarcus Robinson. So like the title says, the T. Hill owner wants Hardman. What would you guys do? I'm just afraid of Hill re-injuring himself but other than that I need advice.
  9. You might wanna hold onto MVS til you see what is up with AJG. That toe injury may cost him the season.
  10. You might wanna hold onto MVS until you know what's up with AJG. He could end up being shut down.
  11. I'm def scooping if Garcon is moved. He's on my radar.
  12. I'm needing to drop this guy if he isn't close to returning.
  13. In a 14 team standard scoring league, would you do this or hold tight? My team: Phillip Rivers AJ Green OBJ Tyler Boyd Melvin Gordon Mark Ingram George Kittle (Flex) Corey Clement (Flex) Mike Williams Bench-Amari Cooper Bench-Jermaine Kearse
  14. He put up 8.7 points in my league. That's usable for sure. Especially with injuries and byes.
  15. Hey! Nice handle btw. I know what you mean about Clement. That quad injury isn't quite right I imagine. Do you remember the play where he collided with Bradham in Tampa? I think he's lacking a bit of burst. I think he'll be better as it heals. I agree on Josh Adams too. He just hits the hole and runs hard. I miss that style with Blount. We miss that element of our run game. He punished guys. Anyway...sorry to get off topic. Just wanted to add to your thoughts.
  16. A good TE is usually a new qb's best friend on the field. Watch and see unless you have better options out there.
  17. Balling with Foles vs balling w/ Wentz is two vastly different stories. He has a special knack for splash plays with Carson. Hopefully they pick up where they left off last season.